NBA Milwaukee achieves first 50-win notice and confirms PO… West #1 Denver loses 4 straight

The Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA’s No. 1 team in overall win rate, secured a spot in the playoffs by winning 50 wins this season.

Milwaukee defeated the Phoenix Suns 116-104 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular league away game held at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on the 15th (Korean time).

Milwaukee, who won two games in a row following the game against the Sacramento Kings the previous day, became the first NBA team to reach 50 wins this season.

Milwaukee, which has the highest win rate (0.725) among NBA teams with a record of 50 wins and 19 losses, has advanced to the playoffs regardless of the results of the rest of the regular season while leading the Eastern Conference.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way in the victory with a triple-double performance of 36 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists, Brook Lopez added 21 points and 10 rebounds, and Zhu Holiday added 12 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

On the other hand, despite Devin Booker’s 30-point effort, Phoenix lost three straight games and maintained fourth place in the Western Conference (37-32).

Milwaukee, who led 57-48 in the first half, allowed Phoenix to pursue by a point of 85-84 with Booker’s consecutive goals in the third quarter, and at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Cameron Payne gave up consecutive 3-point shots and turned the game around. 먹튀검증

However, in 97-97, starting with Pat Connorton’s 3-point shot, he scored 8 points to catch his breath, and did not miss the lead after that.

The Denver Nuggets, leading the Western Conference, lost 110-125 to the Toronto Raptors and fell into a four-game losing streak.

Denver was 46-23, four games behind the second-place Memphis Grizzlies (41-26).

Nikola Jokic scored 28 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, and Michael Porter Jr. posted 23 points and 6 rebounds, including 5 3-point shots, but the team failed to win.

After catching Denver and getting out of a three-game losing streak, Toronto recorded 33 wins and 36 losses, and took 9th place in the Eastern Conference.

Starting with Fred Van Fleet, who made a big success with 36 points and 7 assists, including 8 3-point shots, all 5 Toronto starters scored double-digit points to escape from the losing streak.

The Los Angeles (LA) Lakers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 123-108, with Anthony Davis leading the way with 35 points and 17 rebounds. .

The Lakers, who are suffering from LeBron James’ injury gap, are still in a situation where they can challenge as they are two games behind the 6th place LA Clippers (36-33), who can go directly to the playoffs.

However, the winning rate is the same from the current 8th place Oklahoma City Thunder to the Lakers, and Utah Jazz and New Orleans (above 33 wins, 36 losses) are chasing by one game behind them, so fierce competition continues that even play-in tournaments cannot be easily guaranteed.

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