Murakami noticed “Japan’s Aaron Judge…WBC is the trailer”

Major League Baseball (MLB) is showing keen interest in Japan’s youngest MVP (Most Valuable Player) Murakami Munetaka (23, Yakult Swallows). said on the 24th (Korean time), “Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) said he was not the best player in the Japanese national team. Trout, his teammate, said, ‘I can’t believe it. There is no player better than Ohtani.’ He introduced major players in Japan, saying, “Is there really a better player in Japan than Ohtani, who can hit 40 homers and strike out 200 at the same time?”메이저놀이터

The first thing I dealt with was last year’s home run king, Murakami. The media said, “Murakami is Japan’s Aaron Judge (New York Yankees). While Judge hit 62 homers last year, breaking Roger Maris’ old American League record (61), Murakami broke an equally historic home run record in Japan.” “By hitting 56 homers in 2022, Sadaharu Oh set a new record of 55 homers in a single season by a Japanese player in 1964,” he introduced.

The media said, “Murakami is already the best hitter in Japan even though he just turned 23. He may be one of the best hitters in the world.” , and became the youngest Triple Crown winner in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).”

Having achieved top-notch results in the NPB, he is highly likely to advance to the MLB at any time as long as he is eligible for posting. said, “The World Baseball Classic (WBC) will be a showcase comparing Murakami to MLB hitters and a trailer showing how he will grow in the future.”

Along with Murakami, two ace pitchers were also mentioned. ‘Perfect Pitcher’ Sasaki Loki and ‘Sawamura Award Winner’ Yamamoto Yoshinobu are the main characters. said, “If Murakami is one of the few hitters who can surpass Ohtani, then Sasaki is the only pitcher who can surpass Ohtani.” “He also recorded a perfect game with 19 strikeouts against the Orix Buffaloes on April 10 last year. No pitcher in both NPB and MLB had so many strikeouts in a perfect game. It was definitely one of the best games ever, and at the time Sasaki was 20 It was just that. It was my first full-time season at NPB.”

Regarding Yamamoto, the media said, “If Sasaki was the strongest pitcher, Yamamoto is the best pitcher.” “In the past two seasons, he has overpowered him at the level of Jacob deGrom. He won the NPB’s Cy Young Award, the Sawamura Award, and the Central League MVP for two consecutive years. He recorded the triple crown and ranked first in wins, ERA, and strikeouts.” The media also said, “His performance for the two years was almost similar. In 2021, he recorded an average of 18 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 1.39 and 206 strikeouts in 193 and two-thirds innings. did,” he added. Yamamoto was recently mentioned by Andrew Friedman, president of the Los Angeles Dodgers, saying, “If Yamamoto is officially posted, he is preparing to be recruited.”

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