Milan vs Milan in 18 years… Ground-heated goalkeeper ‘Seonbang Show’

It was also an honorable mention. The ‘Milan Derby’ was held in the European Champions League for the first time in 18 years. Who got the ticket to the finals?

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


< Inter Milan 1:0 AC Milan|European Champions League semi-final second leg >

Fans made a trumpeting picture of a hanging in the confrontation between rivals who share the Milan home stadium.

The second leg with tickets to the Champions League final was hot from the start.

The goalkeepers of both teams heated up the ground by making saves as if competing with each other.

Inter Milan Onana read the direction of a low and fast shot and slashed it away, while AC Milan Menan slightly turned his head and blocked the fast-flying ball with an animal sense.

The tense game was split in the 29th minute of the second half when Inter Milan broke through a narrow gap.

Lukaku’s pass was sharp, and captain Martinez’s shot between the goalkeeper and the post was exquisite.

At the key goal that made the aggregate score 3-0, Martinez climbed the railing of the stands and roared.

The goal was no longer open and Inter Milan reached the final stage of the ‘War of the Stars’ after 13 years.안전놀이터

Fans poured out into the streets and sang cheers throughout the night.

[Istanbul! To Istanbul together!]

The winner of the second leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid will battle for the glorious trophy next month in Istanbul.

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