Mets fans ‘boo’ at Verlander… Explosion in hunting with 2 home runs and 6 runs before home debut

Justin Verlander, a right-handed starter who signed a two-year, $86 million (115.68 billion won) contract with the New York Mets, which is tied for first place in the major league annual salary, was booed by home fans in his home debut.

Verlander started on the 17th (Korean time) in the 2023 major league regular season game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Citi Field in Queens, New York, USA.

Verlander, who joined the Mets this season, started the season late after suffering a thigh muscle (femoral) injury in spring training. After returning from injury, Verlander, who pitched relatively well in 2 away games and recorded 1 win and 1 loss, made his first appearance to Mets fans on this day.

Mets fans hoped Verlander, one of the best pitchers on the pitch, would give a boost to a team that was in a slump. However, Verlander failed the fans’ expectations.

He pitched the most poorly all year, with 8 hits (2 homers), 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and 6 runs in 5 innings. He suffered his second loss of the season as the team lost 5-8. His earned run average soared from 2.25 to 4.76.

Home fans exploded in the top of the 5th inning. When Isaac Paredis hit a two-run home run with one out and first base, and the score gap widened to 0-6, he poured out boos at Verlander standing on the mound. The patience of New York fans, who are famous for being extremely fit, has crossed a critical point. After being beaten by Paredis for the first three runs in the third inning, Verlander allowed only two arches for him that day.

“I understand the fans are frustrated,” Verlander said after the game, according to ESPN. Our squad is also frustrated,” he said. “We expect to get better. I hope to get better too. Our entire team is looking forward to getting better, and now all that remains is to keep our heads down and work hard to find a way out of the slump.”

Manager Buck Showalter said the fans’ booing matched the current mood in the Mets’ clubhouse.
“People come here and want to see the Mets win, they want to see us play well, and they’re just as frustrated as we are,” Showalter said. “If we do better, that won’t happen. That’s part of what you play here when you do something that is very important to people,” he added.먹튀검증

Verlander shared what he felt on the mound that day.
He said, “There aren’t many positives to take from that. The only positive thing is that I know I have work to do. I’ve already started watching the video, but there seems to be something wrong with my pitching motion. I think we should hurry up and fix it,” he said.

With the loss, the Mets went 20-23. It is fourth, 6.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves, who lead the National League East Division.

On the other hand, the victorious Tampa Bay maintained its 32-11 record, leading the Eastern Division of the American League and leading the overall win rate in the major leagues.

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