Men’s and Women’s U19 Volleyball Team, Participated in World Championships

The Korean men’s and women’s youth volleyball team (under 19 years old) will participate in the World Championships. The Korea Volleyball Association announced on the 21st that “the men’s U19 national team will participate in the 2023 World Youth Men’s U19 Volleyball Championships held in San Juan, Argentina from August 2 to August 11, and the women’s U19 national team will participate in the 2023 World Youth Women’s U19 Volleyball Championships held in Osijek, Croatia and Szeged, Hungary from August 1 to August 11.”바카라사이트

The male U19 national team led by coach Kim Jang-bin of Suseong High School was joined by outside heaters Kyungyeong Yoon (Namseong High School), Seojin Yoon, Hajun Yoon, Lee Yong-jae (hereafter Suseong High School) and Woojin Lee (Kyungbuk Physical Education High School). Kang Seung-il (Korean Air) is the apogee, and Lee Seong-jin and Jang Eun-seok (Sokcho High School) Jung Song-yoon (Suncheon Jeil High School) are the middle blockers.

The women’s U19 national team, led by JoongAng Girls’ High School coach Jang Yoon-hee, selected Kwak Seon-ok (Ilshin Girls’ High School) and Jeon Soo-min (Jeonju Geunyoung Girls’ High School) as outside heaters. Baek Chae-hee (Joongang Girls’ High School) and Shin Eun-ji (Seonmyung Girls’ High School) will take the apositive position.

The middle blockers are Kim Se-bin (Hanbom High School), Bae Chae-eun (Jeonju Geunyoung Girls’ High School), and Lee Ji-yoon (Joongang Girls’ High School). ‘Jang Yoon Hee-ho’ had three setters. Kim Da-eun (Mokpo Girls’ High School), Park Soo-bin (Pohang Girls’ High School), and Lee Joo-ah (Mokpo Girls’ High School) will step in. Garam Yoo (Jecheon Girls’ High School) and Jeong Su-ji (Hanbom High School) appear as libero.

The men’s U19 national team was in Group C at the World Championships. They will face Iran, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Nigeria in turn. The women’s U19 team was in Group D at the World Championships and will face the United States, Poland, Japan, Serbia and Mexico in the group stage.

The men’s U19 national team, which has completed two weeks of strengthening training with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Corporation, will depart for San Juan, Argentina on the 23rd to conduct pre-adaptation training.

The women’s U19 national team will depart for Sofia, Bulgaria on the 24th, check their performance through a friendly tournament involving China, Brazil and Bulgaria, and then move to Osijek, Croatia, the venue on the 30th.

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