Manchester United, ‘New FW’ appeared in the Kane-Osimen composition… 20-year-old ‘Denmark Halan’ rises rapidly

 A new candidate has been added to Manchester United (Man United), which is seeking to recruit a target striker called ‘Number 9’ for next season.

The striker is Rasmus Hairun of Atalanta, Italy, which is raising its stock price with ‘Denmark Halan’. 메이저사이트

Britain’s ‘Daily Mirror’ said, “A new name is being searched for on the Manchester United striker list.” “The name is Hwayun.” The newspaper continued, saying, “He is young and continues to grow, so Manchester United is watching.”

Born in April 2003 and just 20 years old, Hwayun played two seasons each at homegrown FC Copenhagen and Austrian Bundesliga Sturm Graz.

However, he started to become famous after the World Cup break at the end of last year, knocking down 10 goals from his first season in the big leagues, including scoring 7 goals in 26 appearances this season.

In particular, Hwayun surprised European football by scoring 3 goals and 2 goals in consecutive matches against Finland and Kazakhstan in the European Championship qualifiers last month. In the meantime, his A match record has reached 5 goals in 4 matches.

Born in Northern Europe, entered the big league through Austria, and because of his height of 191 cm, Hwayun is compared to Elling Hollan from Norway and is called ‘Denmark Hollan’. Already, Son Heung-min’s team Tottenham and Napoli, where Kim Min-jae plays, are also eyeing Hwayun, and it seems that even Manchester United is jumping into the competition.

In the case of Manchester United, Nordic players such as Picker Schmeichel (Denmark), Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Norway), Henrik Larsson (Sweden), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden), Viktor Röndelof (Sweden), and Christian Eriksen (Denmark) have consistently joined, which is good. There are many cases that left an impression, so it is expected that it will help Hwayun adapt.

When Hwayun enters Manchester United, depending on whether he plays well or not, a rivalry with the same Manchester City monster striker Halan is expected to form naturally.

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