‘Man of the Postseason’ Park Jung-hwan 9th Dan

“We put one to three players up front to change the flow of the game.” (Ulsan Goryeong Aeon coach Park Seung-hwa)
“I didn’t have a specific plan, but I consulted with the players and put the players who were in good shape up front.” (Suiryuhan Hapcheon head coach Ko Geun-tae)

The coaches of both teams had this to say about the order of play for the second game, which was submitted by 11am and officially announced at 2pm. After dominating the first game, Suiryuhan Hapcheon had time to spare, and Ulsan Goryeong Aeon was not far behind.

On the evening of the 26th, the second game of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Go League Semi-Playoffs (Sudam League) was played at the Go TV studio, and Suiryeo Hapcheon defeated Ulsan Go 3-2 in a full-set tiebreaker.토토사이트

It was a similar story to the first game. In a tightly contested three-way tiebreaker, Hapcheon took a 2-1 lead. Jong-hoon Park continued the momentum of the first game with a half-sweep, followed by Park Park-hwan 9 in the return match against Shin Min-joon 9. Ulsan Goryeong’s Choi Jung 9 took a point in the return match.

Park is even stronger in the postseason, with a 19-2 overall record and a winning percentage of over 90 per cent. This includes a 16-game winning streak. After going 2-9 in the regular season, Jong-hoon Park is now 5-1 in the postseason.

The four nations also fielded Yoo Oh-seong 7 and Yoon Jun-sang 9 as their main players. The difference was that the results were the opposite. Yoon Jun-sang 9th dan succeeded in sweeping the tiebreaker and extended it to the final game.

The fifth game, which would decide the fate of the second round, was, as most expected, between Park Young-hoon and Park Hyun-soo. In a game that started at 11.24pm, Park Young-hoon 9-dan, the eldest brother of Hapcheon, who has been competing for 20 years, defeated Park Hyun-soo 6-dan, the youngest member of Ulsan Goryeo-yeon and a first-year player in the Go League.

The end time was 0:28. After sweeping the first and second games, Sooryeohan Hapcheon advanced to the playoffs of the Sudam League without a third game. “I’m very happy that we finished in the second round as we wanted, and I’m grateful to the players for making it possible,” said coach Ko Geun-tae.

The playoffs will be hosted by Chungkwan Jangchunok, who topped the regular season. The two teams met twice in the regular season, winning the first and second legs 3-2 and 3-2 respectively. “We don’t attach much importance to the loss to Chung Kwan Jang Tian Nok in the regular season because it was an ace decider,” said coach Ko Geun Tae.

The Sudam League playoffs will begin on 4 June with a best-of-three series. Prior to that, the Nanga League semi-finals will be held from 1-3 June with Celltrion and Kicks facing off.

The 2022-2023 KB Go League will feature a record-breaking regular season with 12 teams competing in both leagues, followed by semi-playoffs and playoffs in each league, and a championship match between the top teams in each league to determine the final standings.

The postseason is a best-of-three, best-of-five series. Countries 1-3 will start simultaneously, and the results will determine whether Countries 4 and 5 will continue. The prize fund is 250 million won for the first place, 100 million won for the second place, 40 million won for the PO elimination team, and 20 million won for the semi-PO elimination team.

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