‘Major hunter’ Koepka wins the Masters? “It’s special to be here”

Brooks Koepka (USA) is poised to win the Masters.

In the second round of the Masters held at Augusta National Golf Club (par 72) in Georgia, USA on the 8th (Korean time), Koepka picked out 1 eagle and 3 birdies and reduced 5 strokes.

With an interim total of 12-under-par 132, Koepka moved to the top of the leaderboard. While the second round was not finished due to bad weather, John Rahm (Spain) cut two strokes with nine holes left and recorded a median total of 9 under par, taking second place alone, three strokes behind Koepka. 스포츠토토

Koepka, who recorded 8 wins on the PGA Tour, was strong enough to take responsibility for 4 wins in major tournaments alone. After going to LIV Golf, he became stronger and proved it by winning the Orlando Championship right before the Masters.

Koepka, who had been cruising from the first round, recorded an under par in the second round as well, approaching the Masters championship. Also, if Koepka wins this Masters, the LIV golf players will take the green jacket.

“Last year was very frustrating and difficult. I felt like I had to be ahead of where I was,” Koepka said.

Koepka, who played a practice round with Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), a player representing the PGA Tour, amid predictions that LIV golf players would engage in a war of nerves with the PGA Tour, said, “He’s just a player I want to play with. I’ve wanted to play with him for a long time. I didn’t do it with these guys, so it was good just to be with them.”

“It’s special to be here,” says Koepka, who is poised to win the Masters. It remains to be seen whether LIV Golf will laugh at Koepka’s performance in the first major tournament of the season.

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