Looking at the list of 100 people who buy it… Match-fixing, corruption and violence are ‘indemnity’

the Korea Football Association created a skit in which it announced a surprise pardon for a corrupt soccer player and even withdrew it, the aftermath continues.
A list of 100 people subject to pardon has been released, and criticism is emerging that they tried to give ‘indulgence’ to players who had been suspended indefinitely for match-fixing, bribery, and violence.
Reporter Kang Jae-mook reports. 토토사이트

This is a list of 100 people subject to pardon prepared by the Korea Football Association.

Nearly half of them, 48, were involved in the match-fixing incident, and the remaining 52, who were initially unknown, were also revealed.

52 people were severely punished for financial corruption as well as cases of violence against players and referees.

There are various cases, from players who intentionally gave up playing in the game, to cases of leading a team without a coaching license, from coaches who received large sums of money from parents of college players, to cases of fraudulent use of corporate cards within the association.

The vice-president and the board of directors even resigned after accusations that they were trying to give a ‘surprise pardon’ and indulgence to players who had been severely punished for such corruption, but the demand for renewal of the Football Association is growing.

▶ Interview: Hwang Bo-seung-hee / Rep. People’s Power
– “In order to prevent the recurrence of protecting my family beyond the limit, the system needs to be supplemented, such as regulations, and I think the Korea Football Association needs to be reformed to the level of metamorphosis.”

The future of Chairman Chung Mong-kyu, who has about 20 months left in his term, is also not safe.

The Football Association faced the worst crisis due to the constant criticism and the vacuum of the majority of the association members.

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