Liz in crisis… Did the glory of ‘Leeds days’ become a dream?

I want to recreate the glory of ‘Leeds days’, but it’s not easy. After Leeds United suffered a crushing defeat in the English Premier League (EPL) last weekend, players and players sent messages of apology to fans, and the club is also reviewing the resignation of the manager.

On the 2nd (Korean time), the Leeds United club posted an apology message from the players to the fans on the official website.

Previously, the players delivered a message of apology for the 1-4 defeat in the match against Bournemouth last weekend through social media accounts, and once again the message was delivered through the club’s official website.

The players said: “The performance was not good. Leeds fans deserve to see a much better game going back and forth across the country. We do not believe this fight is over and we will continue to the end of the season. Thanks again to the fans for their support. give,” he said.

But Liz’s situation is not good. In the last 5 matches, they have been extremely sluggish, recording 1 draw and 4 losses. Moreover, out of the four losses, four or more goals were conceded three times. It started with a 1-5 loss to Crystal Palace, followed by a 1-6 loss to Liverpool, and then to Bournemouth, giving up four goals and collapsing.

With the recent sluggishness, the ranking went down to 17th. Currently, Leeds has 7 wins, 9 draws, 18 losses, and 30 points, with Nottingham Forest in 18th place, the same win, draw and loss, and points ahead only in goal difference. The difference between them and 19th place Everton (6 wins, 11 draws, 17 losses, 29 points) is only 1 point.

In this process, the club is reviewing the replacement of the manager once again. Leeds United have struggled to put Marcelo Bielsa and Mauricio Pochettino on the manager list, but have appointed Javi Garcia as manager. 토스카지노

Coach Garcia has a history of holding the helm of Watford, Valencia and Al Sadd, but most of them were short-term positions. For this reason, the Leeds club is known to have signed a ‘flexible contract’ with manager Garcia. It also means that the club has several options and has prepared a plan to resign at any time.

In fact, even in the García coaching system, Leeds is reviewing the replacement of the coach when Leeds cannot escape from the relegation competition.

The British magazine Athletic reported that Sam Allardyce, who has experience leading West Ham United and Everton, is being considered as the next manager.

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