LG Legendary Fireballer summoned by Moon Dong-ju ‘160.1km’… “My palms are swollen”

 Moon Dong-ju (20), who is considered the future of the Hanwha mound and the KBO league, showed off his potential to surprise everyone in the first inning against KIA held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 12th. When Park Chan-ho, the second batter in the first inning, was caught with a looking strikeout, the four-seam fastball speed was 160.1 km per hour.

The highest recorded speed by a domestic player in the history of the KBO League was 158.7 km by Choi Dae-seong (Lotte at the time) in a match between Lotte and Hanwha on September 7, 2012. At the time, Choi Dae-seong, who was evaluated as “a major league level in terms of restraint alone,” took this restraint in the 7th inning when Jang Seong-ho batted, and it has not been broken for over 10 years. In fact, it is a record that was not even a player to touch until last year, when Ahn Woo-jin (24, Kiwoom) appeared while raising the speed in earnest.

However, Dong-ju Moon, who had never thrown more than 157.2 km based on the official record, has settled in the 160 km range, which was the realm of dreams, beyond the maximum record at once. Moon Dong-ju added, “I thought I used my strength similarly to usual, but I felt good because my speed was good.” Even higher numbers are to be expected.

However, Moon Dong-ju has yet to break the KBO league record. He has not yet entered the ‘TOP 10’, the highest speed ever in the KBO League. The only restraint he has is that the existence of ‘over four walls’ is holding on. The main character is Redames Liz (40), who is from the Dominican Republic and played for three years (2011-2013) wearing an LG uniform. 먹튀검증

On September 24, 2012, Leeds threw a four-seam fastball of 162.1km against Donghwa Cho in the first inning against SK, setting a new record. His second-place finish also came on the same day. It was 161.9 km thrown against Jo In-seong in the third inning. Leeds threw a total of 7 balls that recorded a speed of 161 km or more. It is the only ‘100-miler’ in the history of the KBO league. Moon Dong-joo or Ahn Woo-jin must throw a ball at least 160.8 km to enter the ‘TOP 10’.

Liz debuted in the major leagues in Baltimore in 2007 and played until 2009 before signing with LG in 2011. He made a soft landing with an ERA of 3.88 in 30 games in 2011, with an ERA of 11-13 and an ERA of 3.69 in 2012, even in difficult situations such as failing at the finishing position. In 2013, he pitched his first 200 innings (202⅔ innings) and made a big success with a 10-13 ERA of 3.06 in 32 games.

At the time, Leeds’ four-seam pitch itself is the recollection of all players who share memories that it was the best ever. SPOTV commentator Lee Dae-hyeong, who played for the same team, said, “At the time, (Yoon) Yo-seop almost went out as Leeds’ exclusive catcher, but after the game his left hand (wearing the glove) was always swollen. So (to reduce the shock) I went out in various ways. I put a cushion inside the glove. But after the game, my palms were very swollen. The four-seam pitch was very good,” he remembered.

It is this committee member who saw Leeds throw in the direction of center fielder, but it is a memory that he was able to realize its power even in the outfield. Commissioner Lee laughed, “I felt like I would just live to the backnet and keep going if the catcher didn’t catch it. I felt the power of the ball that much.” “I was very shocked when I caught it,” he said.

Controversy arose on days when the ball was not going well. A batter who faced Leeds at the time said, “I know it wasn’t intentional, but I flinched when fast balls kept flying toward me. Commissioner Lee also admitted, “There are a lot of balls that fall out of the hand, but the ball is fast, so the opposing team has no choice but to be sensitive. When it comes to the body or the shoulder, it often reacts sensitively.”

Leeds injured her knee during spring camp in January 2014 and left LG, and after that, she received several love calls from LG, but eventually returned to the KBO League. He made his major league comeback with Pittsburgh in 2015, but appeared in all 14 games. Commissioner Lee said, “I pretended to be strong, but I was weak. So I went up to the finish and threw a series of balls,” he said. It is of interest that the day will come when Moon Dong-ju and Ahn Woo-jin push Leeds out of first place.

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