Lee Kang-in’s love call to West Ham was misleading…corrected to Aston Villa

It was Aston Villa, not West Ham United.

On the 19th (Korean time), Lee Kang-in and West Ham were connected. Spain’s ‘Todo Pichaes’ and others cited ‘Cadena Ser’ and said, “West Ham is willing to pay 18 million euros (about 26 billion won) for Lee Kang-in’s buyout.”메이저놀이터

As a result, an excited atmosphere was formed that ‘another English Premier League (EPL) club wants’. Previously, Lee Kang-in had been linked to EPL top clubs and Aston Villa. With the addition of West Ham here, it was thought that the number of competing clubs increased.

But it was ‘wrong’. ‘Todo Pichahes’ later corrected, “The EPL club that intends to sign with Lee Kang-in is Villa, not West Ham, which we mistakenly announced.” Accordingly, the West Ham love call turned out to be false.

Lee Kang-in has been caught on the EPL club’s radar network since the winter transfer market. In January, Juanmi Sanchez, a reporter in charge of Mallorca belonging to Spain’s ‘Marca’, said, “The La Liga team that showed interest in Lee Kang-in is Atletico Madrid. What I would like to further convey is that Mallorca has already received an official request from Atletico. ‘1 I want to recruit Lee Kang-in in February,” he said, revealing the clubs he is interested in.

Along with this, “Atletico wants to sit at the negotiating table right away this winter, but Mallorca will not respond until summer. I conveyed my intention to negotiate with Ortels. And the Premier League teams are the top teams. It’s not Brighton,” he added.

When a comment was made regarding the top team, “The Big 6 we know?”, Sanchez replied, “Yes.”

And in early April, European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said, “Lee Kang-in is expected to leave Mallorca this summer. EPL clubs are watching Lee Kang-in for the possibility of a transfer in the next few months. And there are good opportunities to make a financial profit in Mallorca.”

Finally, in mid-April, Garrido, Lee Kang-in’s agent, visited England and visited the offices and stadiums of each club. Manchester City, Villa, Wolverhampton, Manchester United.

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