‘Lee Kang-in Recruitment Race’ PL 4th match ‘Fierce’… Champions + mid-level + Korean team + promotion → “The most notable name!”

With Lee Kang-in increasingly likely to head to the Premier League after this season, the situation of the teams aiming for him is also diverse. 

Lee Kang-in, who has grown into a top midfielder in the Spanish La Liga this season, is attracting the attention of many teams by improving his speed and defense as well as his strengths of kick and pass. 

Several clubs showed interest in the transfer last winter as well, but the transfer was canceled as Mallorca strongly stated that it did not want to lose a key player in the middle of the season. 

In fact, a transfer is likely in the coming summer. A club has already expressed its intention to pay his buyout of 18 million euros (approximately 26.3 billion won), and Mallorca also expressed its opinion that it could send Lee Kang-in if only the buyout was paid. 

In the midst of this, Lee Kang-in’s recruitment match is now being compressed into a 4th match with major clubs in the Premier League.

On the 23rd (Korean time), reporter Matteo Moreto of Spanish media ‘Relevo’ reported on the news of Lee Kang-in’s transfer, saying, “The transfer market is in chaos.” 

Moreto said, “The first name to note is Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in, whose transfer was canceled in January, is planning to change the team this summer. Mallorca rejected the winter transfer, but agreed to his departure in the summer.” attention to the possibilities.  메이저놀이터

“The most likely destination is the Premier League. Currently, the teams that are most interested in Lee Kang-in are Newcastle, Aston Villa, Wolverhampton, and Burnida,” he said, revealing four teams that are actively recruiting Lee Kang-in. 

All four teams are in different environments, but they are options that can be attractive to Lee Kang-in. 

Newcastle is likely to advance to the UEFA Champions League this season, and has been reborn as a strong team under manager Eddie Howe. 

Aston Villa has risen up the league table at the same time as coach Unai Emery took over, and likewise there is not a small possibility of participating in UEFA competitions. In particular, Villa has already expressed its intention to pay a buyout, and there have been reports that coach Emery, who has a lot of bones in the Spanish stage, paid attention to Kang-in Lee. 

Wolverhampton and Burnley are likely to secure the starting lineup. In Wolverhampton, where there was no solid starter other than Daniel Podense in the second line this season, Lee Kang-in can have an advantage in the competition for the starting lineup, and teammate Hwang Hee-chan is also active, so it is advantageous for adapting to the team. 

In the case of Burnley, they are currently in the championship (2nd division), but promotion has been confirmed, and there is a high probability that they will become the main axis of the team when Lee Kang-in is recruited.

Meanwhile, Moretto also mentioned the possibility of staying in Spain along with the interest of Atletico Madrid and the progress of agent Lee Kang-in.

He explained, “In January, Atlético showed interest, but the negotiations were not hot. Lee Kang-in’s agent Javier Garrido is visiting England, and Lee Kang-in’s possibility of remaining in Spain seems very slim.” 

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