Lee Jung-hyun, who has grown one step further, Carrot’s bright future

Carrot Lee Jung-hyun (24) has grown again. As expected by director Carrot Kim Seung-gi, he did everything by ‘playing drums and playing janggu’ by himself.

Lee Jung-hyun scored 34 points, including 4 3-pointers, in the second leg of the playoff (PO) against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 4th, leading to an 86-79 victory. It went in and out and poured a fierce force into the Hyundai Mobis court. The highlight of the day was the scene where he scored a wedge with a fantastic breakthrough under the goal with about 30 seconds left in the game. It was an activity that was not lacking in being called an ace.

Coach Kim said after the first leg of the PO of the 6th round, “I don’t know how the game would have turned out if Lee Jung-hyun had done it like the second half.” Unlike the first game, which was passive, Lee Jung-hyun was at the forefront of the carrot attack by actively breaking through and scoring points one after another in the second game. He made cracks in the defense of Hyundai Mobis by digging in at the slightest gap, and when there was no space to break through, he received a back screen and fired 3 points. As coach Kim said, Lee Jung-hyun was active, so the counterattack was successful.

With Jeon Seong-hyun leaving, Carrot, who entered the PO, looked at Lee Jung-hyun. Director Kim said, “I can’t help it. Lee Jung-hyun and Lawson should do it. Lee Jung-hyun has to play drums and janggu by himself. He emphasized that he could be an opportunity to grow further.” However, in the first round of the PO, Lee Jung-hyun went through trial and error. As the score gap widened, he relied on the outer guns. He was impatient and didn’t see space. He was inexperienced. However, he was different in Game 2. When he broke through, the timing of his outside shot was just right. When Lee Jung-Hyun was excited, Lawson and his colleagues also cheered up.

After sitting at the Carrot Command Tower, Coach Kim is working hard on training Lee Jeong-hyeon. It is because of the theory that a reliable guard can make a good team. This is the background in which Lee Jae-do (LG) and Byun Jun-hyung were selected as the starting guard after Lee Jae-do’s transfer while coaching KGC Ginseng Corporation in Anyang.

The reality of playing a PO without the team’s main shooter Jeon Seong-hyun can make Carrot frustrated. However, Lee Jung-hyun is growing even more by stepping on the thorny road and overcoming it. It is also what Director Kim wanted. 카지노

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