Lee Da-eun, two gold medals at the East Asian Youth Championship… Yoo Nam-gyu’s daughter, Yu Ye-rin, received a silver medal

The futures of Korean table tennis competed for the top spot in the East Asian Youth Championship and shared the gold and silver medals.

Lee Da-eun (18, Munsan Sueok High School) and Yoo Ye-rin (15, Moon Seong-jung) faced off on the 21st at the 2023 East Asian Youth Championship table tennis women’s singles held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.안전놀이터

Lee Da-eun, who is three years older, took her gold medal by beating Ye-rin Yu 4-0. Lee Da-eun, the ace of the youth national team, enjoyed the joy of winning two gold medals in the individual competition following her team victory.

However, Yue Lin also showed off her blood power once again in this tournament. She is the daughter of Korea Exchange coach Yoo Nam-kyu, who won the gold medal in men’s singles table tennis at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In the final, they couldn’t overcome the age difference, but they showed off their splendid skills by defeating Japanese players.

In the men’s doubles, Gaon Kim (17, Duho High School) and Lee Ho-yoon (17, Daejeon Dongsan High School) defeated Taiwan’s Yang Chaian-Yang Haojen 3-1 (11-8 11-7 4-11 11-7) in the final. pressed and won the gold medal.

In the mixed doubles, Lee Ho-yoon-Lee Da-eun and Lee Dong-hyeok (17, Duho High School)-Yu Ye-rin won bronze medals side by side.

The East Asian Youth Championship, held for the first time this year, is a stage where youth aged 14 to 18 compete in 14 events.

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