Leadership that does not ‘copy’, Baek Ji-seon… “I cry every day thinking of Minho”

“I remember Jo Min-ho and cry every day.”

I can’t believe what Baek Ji-seon, the HL coach of Anyang, said. When I asked the head of HL Anyang next to me, he said, “I cry. That’s right.” “Tank” Baek Ji-seon, the first Asian player in the North American Ice Hockey League (NHL) who embraced the Stanley Cup, H.L Anyang coach. Crying to meet the big man… . However, they don’t know if his tears hold the secret of the ‘miracle mercenary art’. A crybaby coach who can’t forget a player he once had a relationship with. Korean ice hockey star Jo Min-ho, who died young last year, would be happy in the sky.

Baek Ji-seon, who led the Korean ice hockey team at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, wrote another history. HL Anyang won the regular league championship (31 wins and 9 losses) with an away game victory (5-0) against the 2022-2023 Asian League Ice Hockey Tohoku Free Blaze held in Japan on the 4th. Of the 9 losses of the season, 4 were in the match after a draw, so we can guess the overwhelming performance of the HL Anyang players during the season. 6 championships in the regular season.

Coach Baek, who we met at the ice rink in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do ahead of the regular match against Japan, said, “To win, you have to go through the process of getting hurt, bleeding, and crying. It is because of the passion of the players that they have come this far. Unbelievable things are happening.”

It was only natural that there were about 3,600 registered ice hockey players in Korea, most of them children and teenagers. As for the unemployment team, HL Halla is the only one that is still alive. The five Japanese teams, which already have a thick player base, are strong teams that have maintained their senses, such as holding leagues normally during the Corona 19 period. Against them, 8-9 newbies were activated, and all of them, including dual-national goalie Matt Dalton, reached the top as domestic players, so it stands out even more.

Director Baek said, “I didn’t do anything in particular. I prepared it over and over again as I had been doing. I believed in the players, and the players believed in me.” When the reporter said, “You are the hero,” he said, “No, not me. They are players” and turned the ball once again.

Of course, Coach Baek’s meticulous training program and leadership were at the center. And the players followed. “Both coaches and players have to be faithful to the details,” he said. There is nothing else. You have to study,” he said. For example, a leader who says “just do it” is not qualified. Leaders who “care a little” are mediocre. If you are a coach, “you need to know about video analysis, weight training, rest, exercise volume, nutrition, etc. In addition, when a player is worried about a girlfriend or family problem, he should be a friend, listen, and cry together.” 온라인바카라

He couldn’t forget Jo Min-ho, who had a long-standing relationship with HL Anyang in the national team, and it shows his sincerity when he wears a photo of Jo Min-ho on his bag key. At this point, the players who trust the “copied (non-copy) coach” unite tightly.

While serving as the coach of the Korean national team from 2014 to 2022, he reached the peak of advancing to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship (2017), promoting the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and overtaking the Japanese national team.

He said, “We were famous during the Olympics. Now, Daemyung, High1, and Sangmu are all gone. What is this? The government should help. It’s really sad,” he lamented. Regarding the situation where HL Anyang is supporting Korean ice hockey as the last bastion, “The president’s efforts are really great. I hope everyone feels that way.”

It is impossible to build an ice rink right away and increase the ice hockey population. You really need to make short-term, medium-term, and long-term plans and look into the distant future. Opening a ‘fantasy camp’ for 5th to 6th grade elementary school students in Anyang Link at the end of March is a task to save hope. Coach Baek said, “How much would the children like to learn directly from the best players in Asia, such as Lee Don-goo, for three days. You will learn skills and gain great motivation.”

A few years ago, HL Anyang opened a provincial touring camp with the team after the season. The Little Anyang youth team is also running and strengthening the base. Furthermore, he has a dream of establishing an ice hockey center in consultation with local governments in the metropolitan area. The recruitment of manager Baek Ji-seon was a stepping stone for the club, which also had in mind the development of youth and youth.

His wife, who says, “Her husband only thinks of hockey 24 hours a day,” is also supporting Baek. Director Baek said, “My wife and children live in the United States, but they are cheering for my dream. I also don’t think of sacrificing. I’m lucky that I’m doing something important that I want to do,” he laughed.

One of the important things is to hold the 7th championship trophy for the team in the Asia League playoffs starting on the 9th. His whistle sound is sharp as he puts his heart into even the smallest things.

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