Lampard’s humiliation… I even heard “I don’t get along with the director”

Negative public opinion has been formed about coach Frank Lampard.

Chelsea have hired Graham Porter as manager after sacking Thomas Tuchel at the beginning of the season. As a new era has opened, it was the new owner’s idea to be with a person who will lead the team for a long time. In the beginning, they seemed to trust Porter to the end, regardless of their grades, but when the team’s ranking went down to the middle, they broke up with Porter because of poor performance. 먹튀검증

The manager who took the baton in place of manager Porter was none other than manager Lampard. Coach Lampard, who had been the manager of Chelsea before Coach Tuchel, was sacked after not being able to maintain the manager’s position for a long time due to poor performance and performance at the time, and he called a person who had already been sacked once again. Lampard has decided to take charge of the team until the end of the season.

He didn’t expect a dramatic reversal, but he also didn’t expect such a disastrous performance. Chelsea have lost all five games since Lampard took over as interim manager. In the match against Wolverhampton, which was coach Lampard’s return match, he lost with Matheus Nunes’ winning goal, and in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Real Madrid, he was defeated 0-2.

The same was true of the three matches played at home. After losing 1-2 to Brighton, he swallowed regret with another 0-2 defeat in the second leg of the UCL quarterfinals against Real, who had promised a different performance. In the game against Brentford, they tried to turn around, but in this game, they also lost 0-2, setting a terrible record of 3 consecutive losses in the league and 5 consecutive losses in official matches. In the last 19 matches, the record is 1 win, 2 draws and 16 losses.

It’s humiliating. During his active career, Lampard was a Chelsea and England legend. Lampard, who has been loved by many fans, but it seems difficult to receive the fans’ hospitality now. This is because he has revealed his lack of competence as a manager and is responsible for Chelsea’s sluggishness.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ revealed fans’ negative reaction to Lampard, and one fan hit Lampard directly, saying, “Director doesn’t suit you.” It is the ‘director’ Lampard who leaves regret in many ways.

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