Kyonggi University’s women’s judo revival flared, East Asian Championship representative Lee Do-hyun

“I am still confused about becoming a representative, but I will learn more and fill in the gaps to realize my goals one by one.”

Won the women’s 57kg class at the 2023 Spring National University Judo Championships held last month and the 2023 East Asian Judo Championships Representative Selection, Kyonggi University (President Lee Yoon-gyu) As a female player, she wore the Taegeuk mark after 10 years after Jung Bo-kyung, and signaled the revival of women’s judo. Prospective player Lee Do-hyun (3 years). 스포츠토토

In this competition, where only two elite members participated in each weight class in each university, Lee Do-hyun won the ‘surprise championship’ by defeating the strongest players in the weight class. She particularly surprised her officials by beating last year’s runner-up Park Na-young and National Sports Festival silver medalist Hong Chae-rim (Korea Physical Education University) in a half-shoulder and shoulder-to-shoulder match.

Lee Do-hyun, who went through Ansan Gwansan Middle School and Uijeongbu Gyeongmin High School, has good flexibility and excellent throwing skills, but she did not receive much attention due to her lack of stamina and power that fell in the latter half of the game. However, after she went to college, she met coach Lee Chung-seok, and after steadily improving her skills, she announced her potential by winning her first college stage championship last year at the Cheongpung Expectation Association.

Gaining confidence, he partnered with her team senior, Ra Hee-won in the 48kg class, and focused on strengthening his physical strength, a weakness, with personal training such as mountain training, weight training, and tube pulling in addition to training time.

And in January of this year, he was selected as a candidate for the national team along with Ra Hee-won, entered the Jincheon National Training Center, and began to develop his lack of power through intensive physical training four times a day as well as practical training with various training partners.

Kyonggi University coach Lee Chung-seok said, “(Lee) Do-hyeon is a sincere player who trains whenever he has time after school. In the meantime, he was vulnerable to players who swing to the left, but this advantage has also been overcome. His foot technique is good and flexible, so if he overcomes his stamina problems, he is a player with more expectations in the future.”

Lee Do-hyun said, “As I ask the director a lot and learn, his skills are improving. I feel like my strength has also improved.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Lee Do-hyun, Kyonggi University also won the runner-up in the men’s +100kg class Mun Kyu-sun, the women’s 48kg class Han Su-yeon and the 52kg class Kim Min-jung, and the men’s 73kg class Jin Seon-yeong, the women’s 48kg class Ra Hee-won, and the 52kg class Ryu So-yeong. By winning the bronze medal, he announced his revival by spreading propaganda.

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