Kim Tae-hyung, Lee Dong-wook, the winning spot… This man also went ‘even the national team manager’s energy’ [MD Tucson]

NC coach Kang In-kwon had a strange experience in 2015 and 2016 when he was a Doosan coach, and in 2020 when he was an NC coach. After visiting Sedona, Phoenix, Arizona, USA with former coaches Taehyung Kim and former coach Dongwook Lee, he won the Korean Series.

Sedona is a tourist destination representing the state of Arizona, USA, boasting splendid scenery. As KBO League clubs often set up spring camps in Arizona, there are often stories about visiting Sedona and receiving ‘good energy’. It is also heard that Park Chan-ho visited this place every year and received ‘gi training’.

Baseball has nothing to do with ‘shamanism’. 바카라 I just want to believe that the reason why former coach Taehyung Kim and former coach Lee Dongwook won the championship after visiting Sedona was because of Sedona’s energy.

Nonetheless, directors who live in a world of fierce competition sometimes want to rely on shamanism. Moreover, for director Kang In-kwon, who went to Sedona with other directors, he would have wanted to visit at least once since he became the official director. NC has been steadily setting up camp in Tucson, Arizona, and coach Kang visited Sedona on a recent rest day with a total of five people, including a coach and front desk.

There is a ‘coin toss’ that brings good luck to the cathedral located in Sedona. It’s ‘believe it or not’, but it follows like a superstition that if you put a coin in a certain position, good luck will abound. In 2015-2016 and 2020, someone succeeded in tossing a coin and went on to win.

If so, what was the result this time? Director Kang, whom we recently met at Annex Field at Reed Park in Tucson, said, “I’ll tell you the results later.” It is unknown whether Director Kang succeeded or failed in the coin toss, and whether someone who accompanied him succeeded. We will only know when Coach Kang reveals the truth at the end of the season.

What is clear is that director Kang has already received favorable reviews in the industry and has formed a good image. On the 17th (hereinafter Korean time), NC had a 7-inning practice game with the Korean baseball team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol. Coach Lee said after directing the national team’s first training at the Kino Sports Complex on the 16th, “It is very difficult to have an evaluation match at this time, but I sincerely thank the NC officials and coach Kang In-kwon.”

It is a realistic judgment that it is not easy to play a practice game in mid-February unless the players are worthy of going to the national team. However, coach Kang was willing to become a national team partner for the sake of the country. He announced early that he would cut pitchers one inning each and use them. The schedule was decided even before the visit to Sedona, but it is a proud thing for Coach Kang to hear from senior coaches thanking him after visiting Sedona and to help save face for the national team.

It is evaluated that NC is far from winning the Korean Series this year. Under the circumstances, it seems highly likely that Sedona’s energy will not apply to NC. Did Director Kang really succeed in the coin toss? He wondered if even one of the party had put a coin on it. Until the outline of the performance of this season is revealed, even if you are curious, you have to be patient.

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