Kim Se-young and Lee Jeong won their first LPGA Tour match play events.

Lee Jeong-jeong earned her first win of the Bank of Hope Match Play ($1.5 million purse) on the U.S. Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour and is tied for first place in her group of two.

Lee defeated Hong Ye-eun (KOR) by two strokes on the second day of the tournament at Shadow Creek Golf Club (Par 72, 6,804 yards) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on Saturday (July 26).

Lee, who tied with Sophia Schubert (USA) in the first round the previous day, is now 1-1 and tied for first place with Schubert, who defeated Brooke Henderson (CAN) by one hole on the day. Hong fell to 2-2.먹튀검증

The tournament features 64 players divided into 16 groups, with only the first-place finisher in each group advancing to the round of 16.

Lee’s place in the round of 16 will therefore depend on the outcome of her third-round match against Henderson.

In Group 13, Kim Se-young (KOR) improved to 1-1 with a two-hole victory over Sarah Kemp (AUS). Cheyenne Knight (USA) is the top seed in Group 13 with two wins.

Anna Lin (KOR) in Group 7 and Hae-Ran Hae (KOR) in Group 15 also picked up wins on the day to move to 1-1.

In Group 7, Riona Maguire (IRL) leads the way with two wins, while Lindsey Weaver Wright (USA) leads Group 15 with one win and one draw.

Last year’s winner of the event, Ji-Hee Lee (KOR), is 1-1 in Group 8 after falling three shots short to Maddie Jericho (CAN).

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