Kim Jin-mo’s heart toward his younger brother Kim Dong-hyun, “I wish I was proud and did better”

I’m proud that my younger brother did well, and I hope he does better.”

Each team has 12 players in each match. Even if you put your name on here, not everyone steps on the court. Sometimes there are only 3 or 4 people on the bench.

After a season, there are players who don’t even get the opportunity to sit on the bench like this. This season, as of the 26th, a total of 23 players have not been included in the list of players.

Even so, they sweat in invisible places.

One of them, Kim Jin-mo, who is in his second year at Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu, said, “I continued to work hard. To be honest, I don’t think I’m a good player. I think that he is a poor player except for shooting, so from the beginning of the season, training always starts at 9:00 and 8:00, and I came out at 3:00 and 2:00, so I worked out first.” looked back at

Kim Jin-mo played an average of 13 minutes and 10 seconds in 8 games in the D-League, recording a 3-point shot success rate of 27.3% (9/33). He is up from 20.0% (5/25) last season, but his success rate is still low.

Kim Jin-mo said, “Since the D-League is sparse, my feelings have changed. On days when the feel was good, it would go in about half, but on days when the feel was bad, even if I threw 7 or 8, it seemed that not even one would go in,” he said.

Kim Jin-mo, who averaged 4.1 shots and threw a lot of 3-pointers compared to the playing time, said, “I only knew how to shoot, so I went around looking for shot opportunities. Since he was in college, he tried to see a lot of his shot opportunities to use my advantage. He threw boldly when he had a chance,” he said. Just as the team my father coaches is like that, he told me that, so I throw my form without hesitation.” 먹튀검증

Gas Corporation selected Yeom Yoo-seong in the KBL rookie draft last year. Kim Jin-mo’s position can only be further reduced.

Kim Jin-mo said, “(Yeom Yoo-seong) is a much better player than me. I am more than dissatisfied because I am not good at it, so I think that if I try hard, an opportunity will come someday,” he said. He is better than me, so he thinks I should do better than complaints.”

When asked if there was any part of him that grew during the season, Kim Jin-mo said, “I started playing basketball around the time I graduated from middle school, so I’m lacking in power.” He replied, “If you follow the defense with a blast, you can now follow it, and if you block 5 times in a 1-on-1, you can block 2 or 3 times.”

Kim Jin-mo, who spent a lot of time with coach Kang-hyeok, who was in charge of the D-League, said, “(Coach Kang-hyuk) admitted that my shot was really good. He said that all you have to do is work hard without breaking through the defense and jump into the rebound well.” . He looked back, saying, “I played a lot in the end because he got better.”

Kim Dong-hyun, his younger brother, recently received an opportunity to play at Jeonju KCC and plays a prominent role.

Kim Jin-mo said, “I am proud that my younger brother did well, and I hope he will do better. To be honest, I would rather do well than be jealous,” he said. I don’t compare myself too much with his younger brother because I think he has the potential to develop and become a better player. He is envious,” he said.

KOGAS, which has been confirmed to be eliminated from the playoffs, will take a 60-day break after an away game against Jeonju KCC on the 29th.

Kim Jin-mo said, “When there is a D-League (game), I shoot a lot and keep building my body by doing weight training and aerobic exercise. I am going to do the exercise I promised to do like this,” he said, “I will try to build my body steadily every day without a day off, and I will learn basketball.”

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