Kershaw at ‘2900K’, 100 away from 3000K, ‘ahead of Greinke’

‘Returning ace’ Clayton Kershaw, 35, pitched a perfect game to lead the Los Angeles Dodgers to their fourth straight victory and move within 100 strikeouts of 3,000 for his career.

The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 9th (KST).

Kershaw, who started the game for the Dodgers, threw 98 pitches (64 for strikes) over seven innings, allowing five hits and no runs. He struck out nine.

The Dodgers cruised to a 6-0 victory over Cincinnati behind Kershaw’s dominant performance and a batting line-up that scored three runs in the third and fourth innings. They snapped a four-game losing streak.스포츠토토

With the win, Kershaw was now 8-4 with a 2.95 ERA in 13 games on the season, throwing 76 1/3 innings. 93 strikeouts.

Notably, Kershaw added nine more strikeouts on the day, giving him 2900 for his career. He is exactly 100 strikeouts shy of 3,000.

A full-time starter typically lasts 32 to 33 games, barring injury, which means Kershaw still has 19 games left in the season if he stays injury-free.

If Kershaw averages just six strikeouts in the remaining games, he will reach 3,000 career strikeouts this season.

Kershaw is fourth among active players in this category. First-place Max Scherzer and second-place Justin Verlander have already surpassed 3,000 strikeouts, while third-place Zack Greinke has 2,932.

In total, 19 players have reached 3,000 strikeouts in Major League Baseball history, meaning Greinke and Kershaw are in contention to become the 20th player to reach 3,000 strikeouts.

It will be interesting to see if Kershaw, who hasn’t pitched a full season without injury since 2015, can reach 3,000 strikeouts this season while pitching full-time at the age of 35.

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