KBO 48 wins left-handed lion ‘NL No. 1’… Ask your colleague Bae Ji-hwan? ‘Ball ball ball’ is dangerous

A player from the KBO League rises to the top of the individual rankings? It’s not impossible. You have to be careful of the jegu hunting.

Brooks Reilly (35, New York Mets) returned from the injured list. Rayleigh was rested with inflammation in his elbow after the April 29 game against the Washington Nationals. The Mets assigned Dennis Santana to the 40-man roster ahead of the second game of the away doubleheader against the Washington Nationals held at Nationals Park in Washington, DC on the 15th.

Rayleigh was immediately put into the game. Starting pitcher Max Scherzer took the mound in the top of the 6th inning with an 8-1 lead after withdrawing with 2 hits, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 5 innings. The Mets batting line scored 8 runs only in the 5th inning, giving Scherzer and Rayleigh free time, who also had a comeback after a neck injury.

Rayleigh got off to a shaky start, walking leadoff hitter Joey Meneses. He used a sinker, cutter, sweeper, and changeup in the low 90s. Even Jamer Candelario allowed on base by throwing three balls in a row in 1B2S. The cutter and sinker went far out of the strike zone.

Strike out looking Stone Garrett with a sweeper in 1B2S. In fact, according to MLB.com Game Day, it was out of the strike zone, but luckily it was treated as a strikeout. Dominic Smith induced a ground ball to first base with a sinker at 2B. Rayleigh finished 3-1 with two outs. He gave up another walk to Alex Cole and became the base with two outs in Gearco.

Rayleigh took on CJ Abrams. After inducing a miss with the first pitch sweeper, the sweeper and sinker leave the strike zone one after another, 3B1S. However, he caught a strike with a 90-mile sinker on the 5th pitch, then threw another 90-mile sinker on the 6th pitch. He went into the middle, but ended the inning with a floating ball to center field.

1 inning, 3 walks, 1 strikeout, no run. 33 pitches. His command was so bad that he had only 15 strikes. It was a somewhat fortunate comeback. The difference in scores was so large that the hold requirement was not established. Harvest of crabs that have returned to health.스포츠토토

Rayleigh is recording 8 holds this season. He’s been off for a while, but he’s still tied for fourth in the National League Hold with Steven Wilson (San Diego Padres). The seven players form a 7-hold group and are pursued, but they are only one hold behind co-leaders Jesse Chavez (Atlanta Braves), Colin Holderman (Pittsburgh Pirates), and Peter Stzerecki (Milwaukee Brewers, above 9 holds). If you surpass Bae Ji-hwan’s colleagues, becoming a hold king is not an impossible dream. As for the Mets, as long as Reilly’s health permits, there is an opportunity to pick up the mulberry of a two-year, $10 million (approximately 13.4 billion won) contract. You have to be careful of the jegu hunting.

Even before his injury, Rayleigh was tasked with stopping left-handed batters at crucial points in the game. MLB Traderumors said, “The Mets returned one of their high-leverage relievers to the bullpen. I’ve given David Robertson and Adam Octavino the task, but I think I’ll give it back to Rayleigh.”

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