Jang Hee-min, Seo Eo-jin, and Jung Si-woo joined… DB Insurance, 2023 season lineup ‘reinforced’

Jang Hee-min, Seo Eo-jin, and Jeong Si-woo wear new DB damage insurance hats. DB Insurance will play the 2023 season with a total of six players.

On the 31st of last month, DB Insurance announced that it would officially sponsor Seo Yo-seop, Moon Do-yeop and Jang Hee-min in the KPGA and Seo Eo-jin and Jeong Si-woo in the KLPGA for the 2023 season. Seo Yo-seop and Moon Do-yeop extended their existing sponsorship contracts and newly recruited Jang Hee-min, Seo Eo-jin, and Jung Si-woo.

Jang Hee-min became the first champion of the Korean Tour Woori Financial Championship in 2022, the rookie season. He has a wealth of experience as he has played in the DP World 3rd Division Tour since he was in his teens. 먹튀검증

Seo Eo-jin, a former national representative, won the Maekyung Solago Cup and Hosimbae in 2018. The possibility of winning the KLPGA regular tour is also being predicted.

Jeong Si-woo, a former member of the national team standing guard, won three victories on the Dream Tour in 2022. It is attracting attention as an expected stock for the 2023 KLPGA regular tour.

An official from DB Insurance said, “I am looking forward to the 2023 season with players with infinite potential,” and said, “We will spare no support so that all of our players can achieve good results.”

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