“It’s just the beginning”… From the first appearance, ‘159km/h’ is also a ‘1st place’ special prospect

 “This is just the beginning.”

The Philadelphia Phillies drew 4-4 in an away game against the Minnesota Twins in the 2023 Major League Baseball exhibition game held at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, Florida, on the 2nd (Korean time).메이저놀이터

Philadelphia’s starting pitcher was Andrew Painter (19). Painter is a top-notch prospect, ranked 6th in the Major League Prospects Ranking and 1st in the team rankings by MLB.com. Painter came off the mound after recording 1 run (1 earned), 3 hits and 1 strikeout in 2 innings.

Painter threw a 99 mph (approximately 159 km/h) fastball from the first pitch against Carlos Correa in the first inning and caught a strike. He overpowered Correa with a fast ball, but only after Correa received and hit the 5-pitch cutter, he reached base with a hit. However, he did not concede by striking out Max Kepler and disposing of Ryan Jeffers as a fly ball.

Painter allowed back-to-back hits to Christian Vazquez and Nick Gordon in the second inning, then gave up a run on a sacrifice fly, but got the third out with a ground ball to Michael A. Taylor.

‘MLB.com’ said, “This is just the beginning. Painter wasn’t perfect, but he showed potential.” “I believe this kid will be a star,” said Correa. “There’s still more potential,” said Philadelphia catcher Garrett Stubbs.

“How old is that guy? 19?” said Minnesota coach Rocco Boldelli. “When Correa came to first base, I said to him, ‘You know what I did when I was 19? I was running in college to get on a college team,’” said Philadelphia first baseman Darrek Hall. “he said.

‘MLB.com’ said, “Painter’s great talent, composure, and confidence made him compete for the 5th starter.” “This game is the first of many opportunities that Painter will get during the exhibition game. I hope it will,” he said.

Painter said, “It felt good. I was satisfied with the cutter. It was quite heavy like a fastball.”

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