Italy vs. Korea Quarterfinal on 9th…Gwanghwamun Square from 5am

Street support for the South Korean national team in the FIFA U-20 World Cup quarter-final against Italy will officially begin at 5 a.m. on the 9th at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul.

“Street support for our national team will be held at Gwanghwamun Square from 5am on the 9th,” the Korea Football Association said on the 8th, adding that the Jongno-gu Office held a deliberation committee and gave final approval for the street support to be held.

The national team’s supporters, the Red Devils, will be on hand to cheer one hour before the main match, which starts at 6am.

The South Korean U-20s, coached by Kim Eun-joong, will face Italy at Argentina’s La Plata Stadium for a place in the final.

Having finished runners-up at the last tournament in Poland in 2019, South Korea will have to beat Italy to reach the final for the second time in a row.

According to the association, the street cheer is supported by the Korea Federation of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.토토사이트

The street cheer at Gwanghwamun Square comes about seven months after the round of 16 match against Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar last December.

Previously, five large-scale group cheers were held at the U-20 World Cup, which is not a World Cup that pits adult national teams against each other.

Starting with the group stage match against Brazil at the 2005 World Youth Football Championship in the Netherlands (now the U-20 World Cup), where Park Joo-young (Ulsan) played, football fans took to the streets to support their national teams during the three group stage matches and the round of 16 match against Portugal at the 2017 tournament in South Korea and the final match against Ukraine at the 2019 tournament in Poland.

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