It is no less than KT… The reason why LG is watching the anxious WBC

KT, which sent the coaching tower, native starter one-two punch, and fourth hitter to the World Baseball Classic (WBC), is cheering for the national team as one with the club and players.

Here, there is one more team that watches over the national team with as much affection as KT. LG, which has returned from field training in Arizona, USA, sending six key players to the national team at once, watches the WBC while keeping an eye on each player’s movements. 카지노

LG returned to Korea on the 6th after completing training in Arizona, USA, took a day off, and started training in Jamsil on the 8th. Now we have entered the preparation system for the demonstration game.

After starting off-campus training together in the United States, the national team was convened about 10 days later. LG dispatched 6 people, the most out of 10 clubs. Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, Park Hae-min, Kim Yun-shik, Go Woo-seok, and Jung Woo-young were dispatched. It is the core of the national team’s infield and outfield, and the nation’s first starter, finisher, and setup man all wore the Taegeuk mark. They are important figures that should not be left out for LG’s goal of ‘winning’ this season.

LG trained in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was a two-hour drive from Tucson, where the national team trained. Even though they trained in the same Arizona, the practice game scheduled before returning to the national team was canceled due to rain, and one chance to face the players who went to the national team was ultimately ruined.

One of the reasons why each club is keeping an eye on the players who are on the national team is concern about injuries. The WBC is held right before the season, and since it is the largest among baseball national competitions, the players are full of motivation. Overface should be the most vigilant.

As soon as LG returned home, they were shocked to hear that finisher Ko Woo-seok had been replaced due to back pain in the national team. It was one of the most important players in the national team, and it was seen as an emergency outside because it was so painful that it was replaced during a practice game right before the opening of the tournament. Fortunately, it ended with muscle pain, but the news was so heartbreaking that even director Yeom Gyeong-yeop sent a text message to Go Woo-seok.

LG is coming together to achieve the real championship goal this season. It would be difficult if even one of the characters in the season’s plan departed. After returning to Korea, Lee Jae-won, an important new figure in the lineup this season, was moved to the remaining group due to microscopic damage to the side muscle. It is a situation where I have to take a break during the exhibition game to join the opening ceremony. Lee Jae-won, who was picked as the starting first baseman, was also the most wary of overface due to his overflowing motivation, but was injured.

LG starts the season with a common big goal. The players who went to the national team have one more special goal: the WBC quarterfinals. LG is also anxiously watching the national team.

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