If you go there, your skills will improve? The delightful mystery of Sangmu’s volleyball team

Recently, players from the Armed Forces Sports Corps (Sangmu) volleyball team are not unusual. Not only Jeon Jin-seon, who is the driving force behind the rise of OK Financial Group, but also Lee Si-woo and Choi Ik-je of Hyundai Capital and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance are playing an important role as soon as they join the team after being discharged this season. Kim Ji-han and Han Min-min, who returned to the V-League after being discharged midway through last season, are also showing a more mature performance this season. Heo Soo-bong of Hyundai Capital is also one of the best success stories created by early enlistment and fostering of the Sangmu volleyball team. What is the secret to the rise of players who have been to the Sangmu volleyball team? We uncovered the feel-good mystery of the Sangmu volleyball team based on the stories of Seok Jin-wook, OK Financial Group manager, Park Sam-yong, and Kim Dong-young, who are serving in Sangmu. 스포츠토토

To be a soldier and a volleyball player at the same time

The Sangmu Volleyball Team provides volleyball players with an environment where they can cross the boundaries of society and the military. It’s no different from society in that you can continue playing volleyball without a break, but you have to live a life strictly controlled by schedules and rules like a soldier. Kim Dong-yeong, who is currently serving, also said, “There is no difference in the way you exercise between a professional and a manager. The only difference is that roll calls and meals are held regularly.” According to Kim Dong-young’s story, the managing director is considerate enough to ensure that the players do not distance themselves from volleyball, which is their livelihood, just because they are in the military, to the extent that they guarantee free nighttime training time for the players.

Coach Sam-yong Park also does his best to help the players focus only on volleyball. “Due to the nature of the military, there are bound to be various restrictions. Still, I’m doing my best to help within the framework so that you don’t feel uncomfortable as much as possible. It will be like that in the future,” he said vigorously. In addition, coach Park said, “It is difficult for anyone to feel good about having to serve in the military, but for players, Sangmu is a place where they can serve as a bridge between society and the military, so I hope you will support them without hesitation.” encouraged Sangmu’s environment, moderately cut off from the outside world, greatly contributes to the players’ mental growth.

If you follow a regular military life, you will not be swayed by external temptations or suffer from anxiety about the future. In addition, the military spirit of thinking and caring for comrades is deeply engraved in the heart. Manager Seok Jin-wook said, “One of the great effects of military service in Sangmu is that it erases uncertainty. Players throw away their thoughts and come out with a stable mind. In addition, young players before enlistment often have a narrow view of focusing only on their records and performance, but they grow mentally while learning how to be with their teammates and the spirit of sacrifice in Sangmu.” The reason why Lee Si-woo’s crimes as a serve decreased noticeably after he was discharged from Sangmu seems to be that he developed a strong and mature mind that does not waver in any situation.

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