“I wanted to play for Manchester United”… The story of the ‘unfortunate soccer player’ who failed even at the highest speed

 I was confident in running.

There was no rival in running, and he felt that he had done enough to try, and he began to dream of becoming a soccer player. Actually, it was a dream he had dreamed of for a long time, but he didn’t have the courage. He couldn’t put it off any longer, so he decided to challenge himself as a soccer player because he thought he would regret it if he didn’t do it. The time is 2017. he is 30 years old.

he was confident He had an excellent physique, especially because he was strong in speed. “It’s my dream. I don’t care what people think about my dream. It’s another chapter in my life that I really wanted to do. I will try to make my dream come true.”

His final dream was to become the best ‘famous’ Manchester United player in the English Premier League (EPL). He has been a Manchester United fan since he was young, and once he started playing football, he was determined to step up and make it to United. He took on the challenge confidently, never hiding his aspirations.

The team that gave him his first chance was Germany’s Dortmund. With this team he tried out. Dortmund were cool. made a realistic assessment. A sobering assessment that “if he wants to become a top footballer, he really has a lot of work to do. At his age, there is no possibility of progress”.

I had to find another team. His choice was Australia’s Central Coast Mariners. He was never a formal player, and he was given the opportunity to train with them indefinitely. He had high expectations. During his pre-season, he also scored two goals against MacArthur Southwest United. At the time, he expressed his confidence, saying, “I think I’ve improved.” 먹튀검증

However, this sparkling performance did not last long. As time passed, the eyes of those who looked at him grew tired. Negative voices about him began to emerge. Especially footballers.

Forward Andy Keough, who was playing for Perth Glory, said: “His first touch was like his first touch on a trampoline. It’s good that the Australian A-League is getting attention for that, but this is not his place. He has shown some potential, but , It’s a shocking skill compared to a professional player. It’s okay from a marketing point of view, but from a football point of view it’s really funny.”

After all, the Central Coast has also changed coldly. Their selection was no different from Dortmund’s. Negotiations were held, but collapsed. In the end, I didn’t sign a formal contract with him. he left cool He left, saying, “Thank you to the owners, staff, players, and fans of Central Coast. Thank you for welcoming me so much while staying here.”

And he gave up on his football dream. January 2019, two months after parting ways with Central Coast. He has publicly declared that he will no longer play football. He said, “It was fun while challenging soccer. I went through the process of learning while living. It was a good experience. I really enjoyed being on the soccer team.”

his dreams are shattered The huge dream of joining Manchester United was never even attempted. However, his love for football was genuine. It was a challenge that no one could do. This truth cannot be denied. He made a final promise to remain a huge Manchester United fan.

This is the story of the ‘unlucky soccer player’ introduced by ‘Give Me Sports’ in the UK. His name is Usain Bolt.

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