I thought I’d be back soon… Master Hwang Hee-chan, negotiations with the club broke down

Coach Jesse March could not reach an agreement with Southampton.토토사이트

March was sacked from Leeds United last week. Coach March, who became Leeds manager after manager Marcelo Bielsa of the ‘madman’, entered the English Premier League (EPL) with much anticipation even at the time of his appointment. In particular, the tactics he showed during his time at RB Leipzig were impressive, so there were many fans who were looking forward to the coach.

Contrary to his expectations, Leeds, led by coach March, was sluggish. March managed 37 matches for Leeds before his sacking, of which only 11 were won. His final result was 11 wins, 10 draws and 16 losses in 37 matches, with a win rate of 30%. In the end, March had to lay down the baton of Leeds, citing his poor performance.

Around the same time, Southampton also sacked manager Nathan Jones. Likewise, poor performance was the reason. At the end of the first half of the league season, Southampton sacked coach Ralph Hasenwheatl, who had been leading the team for a while, and appointed Jones as coach, aiming for a rebound. However, Southampton did not perform well even under Jones, and suffered a skit in which they sacked two managers in one season.

Southampton showed interest in coach March, and there was news in the UK that Coach March would take over as Southampton’s head coach right after he was sacked. Leading British media outlets such as ‘Sky Sports’ and ‘The Athletic’ reported news of March’s imminent appointment to Southampton at the same time.

However, news broke that negotiations between March and Southampton had broken down. England’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Negotiations between coach Machi and Southampton have broken down. Coach Machi met with the owner in Southampton today, and negotiations continued for several hours. Director Machi said that Southampton’s project was to him. It felt out of place, and the final details of the terms of the contract were the main stumbling block.

March is expected to remain unemployed for the time being. However, since he is a coach with a short period of time from being sacked to being appointed to another team, there is a good chance that he will be linked with other teams soon.

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