“I think they’re a good team from what I’ve seen in Japan,” says Ogino, the new head coach of Japan’s former Korean rival, as he takes the helm of OK Financial Group

Massa Ogino, the first foreign head coach in the history of the OK Financial Group Volleyball Team, has revealed his ambitions.

At his inaugural press conference at the Korea Volleyball Organisation (KOVO) in Sangam-dong, Seoul on the 7th, Ogino said, “OK Financial Group is a really good team. I also thought they were a good team in Japan. I came here to make a better team by pouring my experience as a player and coach into the team, which is a little lacking in OK Financial Group,” he said.메이저놀이터

OK Financial Group announced the appointment of Ogino (53) as the new head coach on 29th of last month. Ogino is the third head coach in the club’s history and the first foreigner, following Kim Se-jin and Seok Jin-wook.

At the time of Ogino’s appointment, OK Financial Group explained, “As we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we reviewed the selection of a foreign head coach from various perspectives, with the meaning of returning to our roots and challenging ourselves again, and judged that Ogino, who has a high understanding of Korean volleyball and is strong in basic volleyball, is the right person.”

Ogino has a strong understanding of the Korean style of play and performance, having played for the Japanese national team during the rivalry between Korean and Japanese men’s volleyball. He also has a long-standing connection to Korean volleyball, as he continues to interact with the Korean national team players he played against during his playing days.

OK Financial Group plans to go back to its roots with Ogino, who played for the Sunbirds for many years and is considered one of the best at fundamental play. The following is a one-on-one interview with Ogino.

  • How did you get involved with Korean volleyball?

I saw many familiar faces at the KOVO workshop. I’m happy to be able to work with these people. When I was with the Japanese national team, there were many close matches against the Korean national team. Even though I was a Japanese player, I had a lot of respect for the Korean team and the mindset of the Korean players at the time.

  • Given your career as a coach, this is a big challenge for you. What made you decide to take the job?

OK Financial Group is a really good team. I also thought they were a good team in Japan. I’m here to make the team better by putting my experience as a player and coach into the team, which is a bit lacking at OK Financial Group.

  • You are the club’s first foreign manager. Fans are likely to be curious about your leadership style. How would you describe your leadership?

I don’t really have a leadership style, but I emphasise communication in practice. The players are the ones who are in charge, and I think it’s the coach’s role to advise them when they have difficulties. As I said earlier, we have players with great potential for growth at OK Financial Group. I hope to be a coach who can prepare them well for the game and advise them when something doesn’t go right.

  • Goals for this season.

Of course, we should aim high. I want to win the championship, but I’m going to take it one step at a time. Right now, I’m thinking about the playoffs. But I don’t think the desire to win is small at all. Last season, we missed the playoffs by a small margin, so there’s that feeling within the squad. The desire to get there is very strong. We’re going in as challengers.

  • On your volleyball philosophy and team colours.

I think volleyball is a team sport and you can never do it alone. We need each other’s help and sometimes we need to sacrifice, so my philosophy is to approach practice and matches with a sense of gratitude.

In terms of team colours, I’m thinking a lot about strengthening our defence. I’m trying to create a team colour that doesn’t give up until the end, that doesn’t give up in any situation, win or lose.

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