Hyundai Mobis catches the natural enemy Carrot and suppresses PO in the round of 6

In the first game of the professional basketball (KBL) semifinal playoffs (PO, 3 out of 5), Ulsan Hyundai Mobis succeeded in overtaking the baseline. Hyundai Mobis, which showed a weak appearance against Goyang Carrot in the regular season, achieved a turnaround. The probability that the team that won the first leg of the semifinal PO will advance to the semifinals is 94%. 먹튀검증

Hyundai Mobis won a complete 86-71 victory over Carrot in the home game of the first round of the pro basketball playoffs held at Dongchun Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 2nd. Carrot, who was greatly ahead with 5 wins and 1 loss in the regular season opponents, failed to follow the pulse in the PO and collapsed. Hyundai Mobis boasted an overwhelming experience of advancing to the PO for 11 consecutive seasons and won a valuable first win. Veteran Ham Ji-hoon played an active role as the most PO player ever (13 times) and achieved 800 points in PO total.

At the beginning of the first quarter, it was clear that both teams were nervous. It was Hyundai Mobis that took the lead in the early stages, but a tight flow was maintained as Carrot Kim Kang-seon’s 3-storey burst. Equalizers and come-from-behind goals alternated, and the first quarter ended with a narrow lead of 17-15 carrots.

In the second quarter, Carrot’s concentration suddenly broke. Carrot was silent until Didric Lawson scored midway through the quarter. In the meantime, Hyundai Mobis succeeded in reversing with Kim Young-hyun and Ronjay Avarientos, who shined as the rookie of the regular season, making 3-pointers in a row, and the score gap quickly widened to 14 points.

In the second half, Hyundai Mobis completely took the lead. The performance of Seo Myung-jin, who scored 18 points on this day, was especially brilliant. 3 minutes before the end of the 3rd quarter, Seo Myung-jin earned a free throw opportunity while penetrating three Carrot defenders, further widening the score gap.

Carrot, who had a hard time reaching the PO, eventually failed to overcome the bad news. It was not an easy fight in the first place due to the unstable team atmosphere due to the subscription fee controversy and the power leak. Lee Jung-hyun, who had filled the vacancy of ace Jeon Seong-hyun from the second half of the regular season, pursued fiercely in the 4th quarter, but it was not enough to close the score gap. The second round of PO, in which the two teams face each other again, will be held at the same place, Dongchun Gymnasium, on the 4th.

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