How to stay on top of this mound of unrelenting hard work

Noh Kyung-eun, a right-handed pitcher born in 1984, has been close to quitting baseball a few times in recent years. First, in late 2018. He was eligible for free agency for the first time in his career, but after a series of failed negotiations, he went unclaimed. She was on the verge of retirement without even enjoying her free agency rights. Noh didn’t give up. She took part in tryouts for the American minor leagues and continued travelling around the country to improve her body. Fast forward a few months to September 2019. Newly appointed Lotte Giants general manager Sung Min-kyu opened a dialogue with Noh, and in November of the same year, she signed a two-year free agent contract.

Back with her original team, Noh was an all-around pitcher in 2020 and 2021, splitting time between the starting rotation and the bullpen. But the trials came again. Her contract with Lotte fell through at the end of 2021. It was a blow to the veteran pitcher in her late 30s, who kept losing her place on the mound. It was a moment when he wondered if he should really stop playing baseball. There was an unexpected touch. SSG Landers. The team offered Noh a tryout, and after a three-month trial at their reinforced second team stadium, he was back in uniform.

Noh, who has had a tougher time extending her career than most, is now in her second prime. After going 12-5 with a 3.05 ERA in 41 games last year to lead SSG to the overall title, this season she’s been a key part of the pitching staff and is as good as anyone in their 20s or 30s. In a recent interview, Noh said, “I can’t take all the credit. I want to thank my coaches and trainers who work behind the scenes to help me stay in good shape. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, they sneak up on me and treat me, so I can throw a powerful ball.” She laughs.토토사이트

Noh is 40 years old in South Korea. Most of her teammates have hung up their uniforms, and there are few seniors left, but she still throws a powerful ball. She has a fastball that sits in the high 140 kilometres per hour, as well as a slider, a forkball, a sinker and a curveball. The word “dominant” naturally comes to mind when she thinks back to a few years ago when she was on the verge of retirement. “When I think about that time, I feel the importance of baseball all over again, and I always understand the feelings of players who have to work really hard to extend their careers,” says Noh.

When asked how a 40-year-old pitcher can survive on a first-team mound, the first answer was “study.” “There is a lot of information about pitching mechanics these days. You can easily find relevant videos on YouTube as well as TV.” “The important thing is the principle. From the twist of the torso to the arm swing and release, you need to know how to throw the ball.”

Noh is not afraid to try different things. A prime example is the vegetarian challenge. In January 2020, she became interested in vegetarianism after watching a documentary and became a “lacto-ovo-vegetarian,” meaning she eats no meat, no fish, and no eggs. It was a risky move for an athlete to go meatless, but he found that his performance improved as he lost visceral fat and became lighter. Noh, who has been a vegetarian for about a year and a half, says, “I gained weight, but my muscle strength was a little weak, so I changed my diet to build up my muscles again. But even now, when I don’t feel well, I eat only vegetables for a day or two. It makes me feel lighter,” she explained.

Noh, who has already accumulated 12 holds this season to lead the division, said, “Right now, we are only focusing on the winning series. “I don’t have any problems with my body,” she said, “I can still throw for a few more years. I can still throw for a few more years. I definitely want to play baseball for a long time.”

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