Houston’s Dana Brown GM, the 7th black general manager in MLB history

 Major League Baseball celebrates its 147th year this year. However, for blacks (African-Americans), the door to high-ranking positions in the director and front desk is still narrow. In particular, GM’s doorway is as difficult as a camel going through the eye of a needle.

The World Series champion Houston Astros appointed black Dana Brown (55) to the 스포츠토토 vacant GM position on the 27th. After winning the second World Series in 2022, Houston offered former general manager James Click (44) a one-year renewal contract, but did not accept it, leaving the position vacant. Click is an Ivy League graduate from Yale University and specializes in saber metrics.

In comparison, Brown was from Seton Hall University in the East. He is a baseball player with thick bones in front work such as scouting and assistant general manager. He was drafted in the 35th round by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1989 and spent 33 years in professional baseball. In 1987, when they were at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, the members were gorgeous. In addition to Brown, major league Houston Astros Hall of Fame members Craig Biggio (catcher), John Valentin (shortstop), and Mo Vaughn (first baseman) have been produced.

Brown excelled as a scout for the Montreal Expos, Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves. If you look at the players he nominated in Atlanta before playing as Houston GM, it is immediately apparent. 2019 1st round catcher Say Langeliers (traded 1st baseman Matt Olsen to Oakland), 3rd round outfielder Michael Harris Jr., 11th round 2nd baseman Von Grissom, 2020 4th round starter Spencer Strider. Fifth-round starter Bryce Elder. Except for Elder, all of them are major league starters.

However, the GM opportunity did not come to him. Commissioner Rob Manfred knew his abilities. To Brown, “Sometimes the opportunity will come. He gave encouragement, saying, “Do not lose courage.” Ultimately, Houston’s owner Jim Crane chose the team’s second black GM. The first was Bob Watson, a former major leaguer in 1993. He also served as the GM of the New York Yankees. Watson, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 74, was inducted into the Houston Astros Hall of Fame.

During the 147-year MLB history, only 7 black GMs were produced, including Brown. The first black GM was appointed by the Atlanta Braves. Bill Lucas graduated from Florida A&M University. From 1976 to 1979 he served as Atlanta GM. Lucas fostered Dale Murphy, a two-time National League MVP, in the minor leagues and selected third baseman Bob Horner with the first overall pick in the 1978 draft.

Following Lucas, the first black GM, Bob Watson, the third is Ken Williams of the Chicago White Sox in 2000, Tony Riggins of the Los Angeles Angels in 2007, Michael Hill of the Miami Marlins, Oakland ace Dave Stewart in 2014, and Dana Brown in 2023. Williams has now been promoted to president of the White Sox Baseball Operation, and Riggins is the US national team’s general manager. 20-win pitcher Tulshin Stewart is working as an agent.

Brown’s appointment as GM gave Houston a black general manager-manager duo. It’s only second in MLB history. The White Sox’s Ken Williams was black manager Jerry Manuel at GM in 2000. Manuel, who is close to former SK manager Lee Man-soo, served as the White Sox manager from 1998 to 2003.

However, Brown’s glory as a GM was short-lived. The main winning members include second baseman Jose Altuve, third baseman Alex Bregman (2024 or later), starters Christian Javier, Framber Valdes, Kyle Tucker (2005 or later), and shortstop Jeremy Pena (2027) before becoming free agents. Issues such as how to extend the contract are piled up.

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