Houston, the weakest in the West, appoints a coach with experience in advancing to the finals despite controversy over private life

Udoka heads to Houston.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time) that the Houston Rockets have agreed to a contract to recruit Ime Udoka as their next manager.

Houston has been one of the weakest teams in the Western Conference this season. Houston, which recorded 22-60, had the same record as San Antonio (22-60), which ranked 15th in the West, but rose to 14th in the West with a tie-breaker advantage. In fact, it’s the lowest-level escape that doesn’t mean much.

Houston has won just 59 games in the past three seasons under manager Stephen Silas. Compared to the James Harden era, when he was a regular guest in the playoffs, his status has changed significantly. 안전놀이터

The problem was content. Although Houston has gone through an extreme rebuild after breaking up with Harden, many critics say that the growth is not smooth compared to the fact that it has collected many talented prospects. Eric Gordon, a veteran who has played for a long time at the club, also made a mistake, saying, “The team is not developing.”

In the end, Houston broke up with coach Silas, who was not satisfied with both performance and content, and sought a new command tower. As a result of many nominations, Udoka became the manager who would take the helm of Houston.

Udoka only spent one season as head coach in the NBA, but he delivered solid results. In the 2021-2022 season, his first year as manager, he trained Boston to become the best defensive team in the league and led the team to the final stage. As far as his abilities are concerned, he is definitely a proven director. 

Despite his remarkable achievements, however, Udoka did not stay long with Boston. In September of last year, he was found to have had an inappropriate relationship with a female staff member at the club, and he resigned as manager.

Since then, Udoka has come to the threshold of Brooklyn’s appointment, but after facing a lot of opposition, the final appointment was not made. During the process of appointing him as head coach, Houston reportedly conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Udoka’s departure from Boston.

According to ESPN, Udoka was attracted to Houston’s line of young prospects, the room on the salary cap, and the prospect of securing the upcoming No. 1 pick. Super prospect Victor Wembanyama appears in this draft.

Houston is surrounded by various rumors, such as rumors about Harden’s return in the summer transfer market. What will Houston do next season as they anchor with a new captain?

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