‘Horror Show After Substitute’ Sanchez, humiliated by rating 1 point “Involvement in all scoring scenes”

Tottenham defender Davinson Sanchez was blamed for the team’s defeat.

Tottenham suffered a 2-3 come-from-behind defeat in the Premier League round 31 schedule of the 2022-2023 season against Bournemouth held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 15th at 11:00 pm (Korean time). 토스카지노

Tottenham took the lead with Son Heung-min’s opening goal, but were drawn 1-2 with consecutive goals. Arnaud Danjuma and Richarlison were put in to make a 2-2 tie with tactical change and attack at the same time, but they failed to score at home by conceding the winning goal to Bournemouth in extra time in the second half.

On this day, Sanchez’s series of mistakes put Tottenham in a crisis. Sanchez started the game from the bench, but was hurriedly put into the field in the 35th minute due to Clement Lenglet’s unexpected injury. Cristian Romero moved to the left, and Sanchez was responsible for the stopper position on the right.

However, he showed uneasiness throughout the game and became a weakness. It was clunky when he touched the ball, and he was not stable in the build-up situation. As a result, 3 minutes after putting it in, Mathias Viña’s penetration was missed and the equalizer was given. Earlier, Pedro Poro lost the ball to the opponent, but the previous pass was also Sanchez.

After that, Sanchez was greatly staggered by the opponent’s counterattack in the second half. In the 6th minute of the second half, Marcus Tevennier turned around and Sanchez caught up and blocked the way, but got tired of the opponent’s dribble. After that, they caught up again and cut the ball with their feet, but allowed a reverse goal by heading to Solanki, who was penetrating.

In the end, coach Christian Stellini called Sanchez back to the bench in the 13th minute of the second half and brought a tactical change to the back four.

Local media left only humiliating evaluations of Sanchez’s performance. England’s ’90MIN’ said, “There is a mistake about the second run. He continued to withdraw,” he said, giving a rating of 1 point, and “Football London” said, “He was put in instead of Langle, but at the time of the equalizer, he gave the pass after an unstable touch to the prisoner. Then he turned around too easily on the second run, giving the opposition a chance and Solanki scored. He was booed by the crowd and went back to the bench.”

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