“Holland left-back” + “KDB pulse nine”…local fans ‘unnerved’ by Pep ‘mastermind’ signs

Local Manchester City fans have once again expressed concern over Pep Guardiola’s extraordinary final idea interview.

Guardiola took part in a pre-match press conference at the Manchester City Football Academy on Saturday (26 November) before the game against Brentford.

City, who have already clinched the Premier League title, will play Brentford in the final Premier League match of the 2022/23 season at the Brentford Community Stadium on 29 April at 0.30am.

City have already clinched the league title and are set for the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League finals. Winning both finals – the FA Cup against Manchester United and the Champions League against Inter Milan – would make City the second English team to win the treble since Manchester United in 1998/99.

Speaking ahead of the two finals, Guardiola said: “In my experience, the best way to prepare for a final is to have as little contact with other people as possible. We need to have no contact with our physios and cooks. They are working 10-hour days. It’s a tough period,” he said.메이저사이트

“I have to train less, but mainly I spend time with my family before the final. I go to a good restaurant and spend time with my family. Anything is fine. We have to be as relaxed as possible and focus on our game.”

On his starting XI for the two finals, he added: “I have a plan for Man United and Inter Milan. We have to prepare differently. We have to see how many players we can utilise,” he said, adding, “I was very impressed with the way Man Utd and Chelsea played yesterday.”

“In any case, I will be careful, but after yesterday we are preparing as best we can,” he added.

Guardiola’s comments about preparations for the final sparked another round of concern from City fans. One of the reasons for this is the strange selection of players for the final, described locally as ‘Overthinking’ and in Korea as ‘Myeongjangsan’.

In the UEFA Champions League final of the 2020/21 season, Guardiola played Ilkay Gundogan as a holding midfielder instead of Rodriguez against Chelsea, only to lose the midfield battle and eventually lose 0-1.

Knowing the nightmare that was, City fans took to social media to say “Elling Holland is going to left full-back!”, “Ederson will end up in midfield after all” and “Please, don’t do it again. Kevin De Bruyne is going to come out as a fake number 9” and many other worst-case scenarios.

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