“He’s like an older brother…” Lee Won-seok, who left for Seoul, can’t easily let go of Samsung

“He’s like a real older brother…”

Parting always hurts my heart. Samsung players also had to send Lee Won-seok (37), who left for Seoul, unfortunately. I welcomed the newcomer Kim Tae-hoon (31), but I have a deep affection for the person who left.

Samsung made a trade with Kiwoom on the 27th. By bringing in right-handed bullpen pitcher Kim Tae-hoon, Lee Won-seok and the 2024 rookie 3rd round nomination were handed over to Kiwoom.

I sent Lee Won-seok, who has been active at Samsung since 2017. It’s a big hit from an offensive point of view. Prior to his trade, he had a .362 batting average, 1 home run and 10 RBIs, a .486 on-base percentage, a .483 slugging percentage, and a .969 OPS. He also reached a batting average of 0.444 in scoring position.

When a player loses this much, the bat is bound to come loose. Instead, it is positive that Kim Tae-hoon can play an active role as Pil Seung-jo. Director Park Jin-man also decided to use it in important situations.

So the trade was done. On the 27th, the announcement was completed on the KBO official website. Lee Won-seok immediately moved to Seoul and started as a first baseman for the 5th batter against Gocheok KIA on the 27th. He even got a hit in his first at-bat in the second inning.

Those left are sad. Lee Won-seok’s best friend, Oh Jae-il, expressed regret, saying, “I haven’t sent (Lee) Won-seok yet.” Even after winning by hitting Manrupo, “I was confused. I thought he was lying.” Although they are cool-headed professional players, they cannot stop their hearts from flowing. 크크크벳

There is also Gong Min-gyu, whom Lee Won-seok took as the successor. “In the group room, Won-seok posted that his brother was suddenly leaving. He really took good care of me, gave me a lot of help, and is an older brother who spared no bitter words. he is like a brother mind is complicated He said, ‘Calm down and do well’ and left.”

He continued, “Thank you very much. I didn’t do anything particularly well, but I really treated him like a younger brother. We also trained together. I don’t know if there will be a chance to play together in the future. It’s an honor to be with you. It would be really strange to meet him as an opponent,” he added.

Even the moment he left, he left advice for Gong Min-gyu. “He said he wanted me to be his successor. He told me not to hang my head even if I struck out, and to do the best I could. If it doesn’t work, I said I’ll have to practice again. I will do my best not to disgrace my seniors.”

I have a strong desire to do well. “Last year, I thought, ‘Can I do it in the first team? This year, I have a strong thought to make up for what I lack and show a better side of myself. I think I gained a little bit of confidence.”

Also, “The coach told me not to follow the ball, but to go from behind. I’m on the aggressive side, but since I hit the point in front of me, I developed a weakness in my breaking ball. I am practicing putting it behind me. You need to find the right point. In the end, I have to show it with a bat,” he emphasized.

Director Park Jin-man also said, “It hurts his heart when a person who was like his family goes to a distant place. He told me not to get sick and do well in the new team. He is a player who has played a really big role in the team. He seems to have given Kiwoom a good evaluation. He is a grateful player,” he said.

He spent his 7th season at Samsung only this year. It’s a strange level if you don’t get it. The trade has already taken place. It is irreversible. However, it seems that it is not so easy for the Samsung team to let go of Lee Won-seok.

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