Head coach Bell “must be able to withstand strong pressure” ahead of England match

On the 17th, at 4:45 am (Korean time), ahead of the match against England, Colin Bell, the women’s national soccer team coach, announced that he would learn how to withstand strong pressure through a match against a strong team.카지노

In an interview with the Korea Football Association in England on the 16th, Bell said in Korean, “You have to be organized and able to withstand strong pressure against a strong team,” and “will be able to test your physical and mental abilities.” .

Regarding the preparation of the team, he said, “The players have worked hard and well.

“Ji So-yeon is not in 100% physical condition. It is a big difficulty for us,” he said, “but we can show you how to solve this difficulty. It is a great opportunity for other players.”

Regarding the selection of Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup players in July, coach Bell said, “The national team door is always open. There are opportunities for players who were not selected this time.” “World football is fast, physically strong and high-intensity. All players “They have to make individual training plans separate from team training,” he said.

The national team led by coach Bell will participate in the Arnold Clark Cup, a four-nation friendly competition held in England. On the 17th, we will play our first match against England in Milton Keynes, England. They will then face Belgium in Coventry on the 20th and Italy in Bristol on the 23rd.

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