Gwangju FC 2030 Vision Declaration… “Creating a completely different club with a hot game”

Gwangju FC, which is expected to play an active role in the K-League 1 return this season, declared a new representative system vision.

On the 3rd, Gwangju FC held an inauguration ceremony for CEO Rodong-il and a proclamation ceremony for the ‘2030 New Vision’ at the Gwangju soccer stadium.

With the slogan of ‘Gwangju FC trusted by the citizens and loved by the fans’, it will promote four major strategies.

▲ ‘Creating a workable organization’ with a unified organizational system and performance-oriented employee evaluation ▲ ‘Improving club management methods’ to expand the team’s discretion and attract corporate sponsorships ▲ ‘Formation of public consensus and pursuit of coexistence’ through community-based activities of the team ▲ ‘Youth football of opportunity and growth’ to create a football culture that can be enjoyed regardless of victory and defeat and to nurture excellent players related to the region.

Gwangju FC unifies the command system by integrating the온라인바카라 secretary general and the head of the management support department, and strengthens the board’s check and supervision function for the operation of the club.

In particular, to secure transparency and objectivity in player recruitment, it was decided to systematize player verification including doctors, lawyers, and scouts in the team steering committee.

It systematically manages excellent U-15 and U-18 players and manages the training and growth of players by age through the general youth director.

The club plans to launch management innovation by reflecting the results of the management evaluation conducted for the first time since its foundation with the appointment of CEO Rodong Il in November of last year.

However, it seems urgent to resolve the noise that came out of the process of personnel renewal.

CEO Noh Roh-il said, “The ultimate goal of the new vision is to provide joy to citizens and to secure financial resources for sustainable club management.” I will,” he said.

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