Golfzon GDR ‘The Longest’ 1st tournament ends… Hyeonjun Hong, 384 yards, ‘longest hit’

Golfzon GDR Academy announced on the 11th that it had completed the first round of the GDR The Longest, a long hitting tournament, at the GDR Academy Gangnam Centerfield branch on the 9th.

GDR The Longest is a Korean version of the indoor long hitting tournament introduced in Korea by the Golfzon GDR Academy in partnership with World Long Drive (WLD). The right to participate in the World Long Hitting Competition is granted. 토토사이트

The total prize money of the tournament is 200 million won, and it will be held in two rounds, the first round and the final. A total of 34 players participated in the first round.

Last year’s winner Hong Hyeon-joon took first place with a record of 384 yards (351 m). Choi Jong-hwan finished second and third with 376 yards (343.9 m) and Kang Ho-in with 360 yards (329 m).

The final competition will be held in July. The points earned by participants in each competition are added up to select the best long hitter in Korea. In addition to prize money, the winning golfer will receive prizes such as the GDR PLUS system, the Ceragem Master V6, and the right to participate in the WLD Championship.

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