Goalkeeper Heo Eun-bi, who led the promotion to the second division for the first time in history, “with the determination of a midfielder”

Korean women’s ice hockey, which has neither a high school team nor a university team, achieved the feat of being promoted to the second division of the World Championship for the first time ever. Reporter Heo Jae-won came to meet 스포츠토토

the national team goalkeeper Heo Eun-bi, who defended the goal with a spirited save . [Reporter] [Replay comment: Game over! The Republic of Korea national team is promoted to Division 1-A (2nd division) with a complete win of 5 matches!] The moment we achieved promotion to the 2nd division for the first time in history, our players, who poured everything into the ice, surrounded goalie Eunbi Heo and shared the joy. An impregnable defense that blocked 119 out of 125 opponent shots in 5 games. The first two games against Italy and Poland, which were the watershed of the championship, allowed only one goal on 75 shots and had an save rate of close to 99%. [Heo Eun-bi / Goalie of the women’s ice hockey team: I was happy to be playing hockey with a team that lifted me up (I feel like crying. I’m sorry). Actually, this tournament wasn’t that easy. There were many injuries and difficulties… .] In a barren land without a high school or college team, the national team came together and created a miracle. [Heo Eun-bi / Goalie of the women’s ice hockey team: All the players just love hockey and fell in love with the performance that comes out when the team is united.] Heo Eun- bi fell in love with hockey since childhood and even ventured to study in the United States.

I cheered up thinking of my parents who always cheered me on and my younger brother, who is one year younger than me as an ice hockey player.

[Heo Eun-bi / Women’s Ice Hockey Team Goalie: I would like to say thank you to my parents for always giving me unconditional love, but my sister’s support is the most motivating and motivating. He’s like a brother… .]

Eunbi Huh and the national team players are already looking towards the World Championship Division 1-A competition to be held in April next year.

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