First win of the season after three consecutive QSs “I didn’t see the last one” Lee Jae-hak

NC Dinos sidearm Lee Jae-hak (34) recorded his first win of the season. Despite his late arrival to the first team, he has pitched well in three consecutive games, giving the NC starting staff a boost.

On 4 April, Lee took the mound until the seventh inning against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, giving up one run (unearned) on six hits and two walks. Lee picked up the win in just his third start of the season as the NC won 3-1. With his third consecutive quality start (six or more innings pitched with three or fewer earned runs), Lee’s season ERA is now 1.00.

“It felt like my first win since 2013,” Lee said after the game. Lee gave NC its first win of the season (six shutout innings) after a seven-game losing streak to open 2013. “I think it was because I got a win after a long time. At the end, I went in (off the bench) because I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch the game,” Lee laughed.

Lee joined Doosan in 2010 and became a founding member of the NC through the second round of the 2012 draft. He was a pillar of the NC mound for the next five seasons, posting double-digit wins. However, after winning 10 games in 2019, he went downhill. He went 3-8 with a 4.75 ERA last year and didn’t make the roster this year.

However, Lee’s chance to make the first team came sooner than expected. He made his first start for Samsung Electronics on 21 May and went six innings without giving up a hit. His next start (27 May against Hanwha, 6 innings, 2 hits, 3 runs, 2 earned) was just as good. Against LG, he finally got the win. “As you can see, my fastball has improved in velocity and power. My pitches that were shaky were also caught,” he said.먹튀검증

During his time in the second team, Lee tried to change his pitches, increasing the proportion of cut fastballs and sliders, which he hadn’t thrown much in the past. Against LG, he relied on his four-seam and changeup, but it was a big decision for him. “I changed my grip on my slider, and I got a feel for how to throw it,” he explained.

“Today I threw two cut fastballs and one slider. I tried to mix it up today, but (the hitters) didn’t have the right timing, so I tried to use the good ones. I thought it would be better to go with what I had rather than throw it and get hit,” he said. He added: “I felt good in the second innings. I came up and got better. Se-hyuk told me to use a lot of change-ups because he has a good fastball, and to be comfortable throwing it.”

Lee Jae-hak said, “Since I couldn’t go to the first team spring camp, I tried some things I hadn’t tried in the second team camp. “The first team is a battlefield and the result is important, so it was difficult to test it because I couldn’t try it in a relaxed way, so I couldn’t try it more boldly, but in the second team games and practices, I could relax because the result doesn’t matter,” he said.

NC hasn’t been able to field the five-man starting lineup it envisioned this season. They lost Widener to injury at the beginning of the season, and now they’ve lost Koo Chang-mo to a forearm injury. Lee Jae-hak has been stepping up lately with a string of strong performances.

“I want to continue to help the team win like this, and since it was a sweep, I wanted to win more. My personal goal was to make the first team. My goal is to win as many games as I can to get a foothold.”

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