Find the money line!’… PL ‘transfer market → sponsorship’ competition

As fierce as the transfer market, the competition for sponsorship is taking place in the Premier League.

The Athletic reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Premier League clubs are fighting for sponsorships reminiscent of the transfer market.”

Sponsorship deals have become important, the media said, “the chaos in the transfer market, where huge amounts of capital have been traded, will subside by summer, but each club needs to focus on other business areas to make sure they have enough capital to put all their energy into it again.” Explained.

According to the media, there are 10 Premier League 메이저놀이터 clubs that have not confirmed major sponsorships for next season.

Chelsea, the biggest spenders of this transfer window, will have no front and sleeve sponsors for next season. This means that there is currently a capital gap of at least £60m.

Manchester United reduced their contract with German software company TeamViewer in December last year until 2026. £47 million per season (approximately 70 billion won) is guaranteed, but Manchester United wants to find a new sponsor if possible.

Same with Manchester City. For now, the sponsorship deal with UAE airline Etihad continues, but if a more lucrative sponsorship is found, a new deal is not ruled out.

In addition, new rich club Newcastle United is looking for another sponsorship in Saudi Arabia, and London-based Brentford and Fulham, as well as Hwang Hee-chan’s team Wolverhampton Wanderers, have to find new sponsorships as their contracts for sponsoring the uniforms for this season have expired.

The media explained, “The Premier League Big 6 (Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham) must secure at least £40 million (about 60 billion won) in revenue per season through sponsorship.”

He continued, “World exposure varies depending on whether the Premier League remains or is relegated. We need to bring in 10% of the capital,” he added.

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