‘F1 of Electric Vehicles’ Formula E 8R Berlin Competition Cassidy wins… First peak this season

Nick Cassidy (28, New Zealand, Envine Racing) won the Formula E Championship Berlin E-Prix, the world’s best electric car racing competition.

Cassidy was the first to arrive at the finish line in the 8th round of the Berlin E-Free in the ABB FIA (International Automobile Federation) Formula E World Championship in the 2022-2023 season held at the Tempelhof International Airport Circuit in Berlin, Germany on the 23rd (hereinafter Korean time). .

Formula E is also called the ‘F1 of electric vehicles’. If Formula 1 (F1) is an internal combustion locomotive racing, Formula E is a racing competition conducted with pure electric cars. Along with F1, Formula E is also organized by the FIA.

Motorsport has been criticized for its environmental problems. As environmental issues such as noise pollution and greenhouse gases surfaced, the FIA ​​planned an electric car race as a solution.

Formula E was the event held with this plan. Born in consideration of environmental issues, Formula E was first held in China in 2014. Since then, the scale of the competition has grown and it has formed a popularity comparable to F1.

Formula E enjoys great popularity in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. When the tournament is held, an average of 20,000 to 30,000 spectators watch the game.

This season’s Formula E kicked off in Mexico City, Mexico in January. A total of 16 rounds will be held until July, and the driver with the highest ranking points will be crowned the world champion. 토스카지노

Cassidy’s first win this season. He had achieved ‘Top 10’ six times before this tournament, but had nothing to do with winning. However, this time he took his first win of the season as he came out on top at the Berlin E Prix.

It was Pascal Verlein (28, Germany, Tag Heuer Porsche) who took the lead until the middle of the race. In addition, Jean-Eric Vergne (32, France, DS Penski) joined the leading group and competed fiercely.

Cassidy, who had been in mid-race, quickly took the lead in the middle of the race. After 30 laps, he did not fall out of the lead, and at the end of the race, he competed for first place with Vergne and Jake Dennis (28, England, Avalanche Andretti).

Cassidy, who did not slow down until the last lap, took first place. Dennis came in 2nd and Vergne in 3rd.

Cassidy, who reached the top of the tournament, closely followed the lead Berlin (100 points) with 96 season points. Vergne was third with 81 points, and Dennis, with 80 points, was fourth.

The ninth round of Formula E will be held in Monaco on the 6th of next month.

Meanwhile, TV channels SPOTV and SPOTV ON, and sports OTT service SPOTV NOW broadcast Formula E live from satellite. It will also be broadcast live on SPOTV ASIA (Spotv Asia). Sporty Asia is a channel broadcasting to 13 countries in Southeast Asia, and broadcasts tennis grand slam tournaments such as Wimbledon and US Open, men’s professional tennis ATP tour, motorcycle racing competition MotoGP (GP), WTT (World Table Tennis) table tennis competition, and BWF ( World Badminton Federation) Badminton competition, International Sports Climbing (IFSC), Sports Climbing World Cup, etc. are provided.

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