Excitement in Spain “Korea’s idol Lee Kang-in causes a revolution in Mallorca”

Korea’s idol Lee Kang-in causes a revolution in Mallorca.” 토스카지노

Mallorca won 3-1 against Getafe in the 30th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at Estadi Mallorca Son Moix in Mallorca, Spain on the morning of the 24th (Korean time). As a result, 10th place Mallorca has 40 points (11 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses, 29 goals and 31 losses).

Lee Kang-in drew attention for his outstanding performance in his last non-Celta classic. It was selected as the ‘Spanish La Liga Best Eleven’ and the ‘European Top 5 League Best Eleven’ by ‘WhoScored.com’, a football statistics media. Despite the lack of attack points, it received an evaluation close to perfect.

This time, he faced Getafe, the opponent for his debut goal in the Spanish La Liga stage. At the end of the season, Mallorca, who is running undefeated, and Getafe, who urgently need to escape the relegation zone, met and a bloody battle was expected.

Getafe took the lead in the first half. After entering the second half, Mallorca launched a counterattack. The vanguard was Lee Kang-in. In the 11th minute of the second half, he took advantage of a second ball chance and scored the equalizer. In the 19th minute of the second half, fellow defender Antonio Rayo scored a come-from-behind goal, turning the game upside down.

Lee Kang-in decorated the finale. In the second half of extra time Mallorca counterattacked. Lee Kang-in started the sprint from below the half line. After running more than 70m alone, he got into the box in no time. Lee Kang-in finished the one-on-one chance calmly and completed the wonder goal.

In the end, Mallorca defeated Getafe thanks to Lee Kang-in’s great performance. After the game, Lee Kang-in said, “The victory at Mallorca is more important than my goal. It’s because we haven’t won the game for a long time. We improved and we are very happy to have won the goal,” he said.

Praise poured in. Spanish radio ‘Cadena Serre’ highlighted his great success under the title ‘Korea’s Idol Lee Kang-in, Revolutionizing Mallorca’. The media said, “Lee Kang-in is having his best season. He is captivating with his confident appearance on the ground. Lee Kang-in leads the Mallorca attack and revitalizes local tourism.”

At the same time, “Lee Kang-in received applause from dozens of compatriots. He signed a contract with Mallorca until 2025, and there is also a buyout clause. English Premier League (EPL) clubs are paying attention to Lee Kang-in,” he added. Lee Kang-in challenges Atletico Madrid, who is known to have wanted him in the next round, to score consecutive goals.

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