Even if you lose your US Open qualifier… ‘Honest golfer’ reported rule violation

In the regional qualifiers for the US Open, one of the four major golf tournaments, a player was disqualified even after hitting 62.안전놀이터

On the 10th (local time), the US golf media Golf Week reported that Tommy Cool (pictured), who is attending the University of Illinois, made a course record of 62 strokes in the US Open regional qualifier held at Illini CC in Springfield, Illinois, USA on the 9th and violated the rules. He voluntarily reported the facts and said he was disqualified. If the score was reflected as it was, Cool would have been able to participate in the US Open.

The fault that Cool himself revealed was the repair of the ‘aeration mark’ on the green. Aeration refers to drilling holes in the soil surface at regular intervals to remove moisture under the lawn and to ventilate. Golf rules revised in 2019 allowed golfers to repair turf damage during play, such as spike marks and animal marks, but did not include ‘aeration marks’. Repairs constitute a violation of the rules, unless designated by the organizing committee as a ‘local rule’.

Cool inadvertently filled these holes before putting on the green. He realized his mistake when a friend who finished the match said, “I had a hard time because there were too many aeration marks on the green.” “I felt like I couldn’t sleep well if I didn’t tell the race official,” Cool said. “I should have known the rules better.”

Cool immediately went to the match commissioner and explained his mistake. However, he could not avoid being disqualified despite voluntarily reporting. The competition committee member nailed it, saying, “Disqualification is irreversible unless it is decided by local rules.”

Foreign media praised Cool’s behavior for choosing conscience instead of qualifying for the US Open, commenting, “Although he will not be able to participate in the US Open, Cool’s honest behavior deserves praise.” U.S. Golf Digest wrote, “The Los Angeles CC that Cool dreamed of (the venue of the U.S. Open) has disappeared, but there will be no nightmares due to remorse.”

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