‘Even if a rich person goes 3 years, they say…’ Chelsea, more serious than Tottenham… EPL 11th

Chelsea is a prestigious club in the EPL. He has won six league titles and two Champions League titles.

Last season, they finished 3rd in the league. 메이저사이트

But this season, it’s going down without a hitch. They are currently 11th in the league. Remaining in the Champions League was gone, and the rest of the European club competition was in danger of not being able to participate.

Chelsea’s new owners, Todd Boley , Enzo Fernandez, Wesley Popana, Mihailo Mudriq, Mark Cucurella, Raheem Sterling, Benoit Badiacil, Kalidou Koulibaly, Noni Madueke, Marlo Gusto, Kani Chuquemeca, Andrei Santos Invested 611.49 million euros (approximately KRW 878.8 billion) in the recruitment of Pierre Emeric Aubameyang, David Dartro Popana, Joao Felix and Denis Zaccaria.

Player payroll also ranks first in the EPL with £212 million this season.

Still, grades continue to drop. The director has already changed twice. After Thomas Tuchel, director Graham Porter was brought in, but failed. ‘Legend’ Frank Lampard was appointed as interim manager, but it is not a good income.

Among the players, ‘defeatism’ is rampant.

Compared to Chelsea, Tottenham is a ‘boy’. The payroll is 5th in the league. The results are also 5th in the league.

Still, Tottenham fans are furious. Tottenham, like Chelsea, is also in a chaotic atmosphere, such as firing the manager.

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