Epoxy flooring

The term epoxy flooring is often used to describe a variety of floor covering systems composed of epoxy resins of varying performance. Epoxy flooring or seamless flooring is one of the types of modern flooring that can be applied in the form of an integrated liquid with a thickness of 0.5 to 5 mm on concrete, cement, stone, metal and mosaic floors. This product is available in different colors and designs and is very beautiful. One of the main features of this product, which can be justified by its use, is its high quality and durability in harsh environmental conditions, so that it can withstand heavy loads after years of use. This product is used in cases where the space floor needs a beautiful and transparent appearance in addition to high resistance and durability. Constituent structure: 스포츠토토

As it is clear from the name of this product, this flooring is made of epoxy resins, and epoxy is a polymer material that is in a liquid state before application, and after application it turns into a solid substance with the help of chemical reactions. This material is very strong and durable in terms of mechanical properties and shows great resistance to chemicals. It should be noted that the technical specifications of this product can be changed and modified using different chemical compounds. It should be noted that epoxy has wide applications, one of which is the use in multi-purpose adhesives.

Types of industrial epoxy flooring:
There are many different types of epoxy coatings that can be chosen to apply. So, the question that arises is: How do you determine which epoxy flooring is right for a particular application?

Hospital epoxy flooring:
A special type of these floors that have antibacterial properties should be implemented in the hospital environment.

Epoxy parking floor:
A special type of flooring that is more resistant to pressure in high traffic and heavy traffic should be implemented.

Anti-scratch epoxy flooring:
This flooring is used in cases where a scratch-resistant surface is needed.

Anti-spark or anti-static epoxy flooring:
This particular type of epoxy conducts electricity and prevents sparks, so it is suitable for ammunition storage and explosives storage.

Sports epoxy flooring:
This special type of epoxy is used in sports spaces that require an anti-friction surface, resistant to corrosion, impact and light reflection.

Anti-acid epoxy flooring:
This special type of flooring is very resistant to acid and chemical agents, that’s why it can be used in chemical factories. Advantages of epoxy flooring:

• This product is easily washable and can be washed several times.

• It can be used as two-dimensional and three-dimensional epoxy flooring.

• Creates a smooth, uniform and shiny surface in the space and increases the brightness of the space significantly.

• It has high durability and strength in different environmental conditions.

• Able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic.

• It has high adhesion.

• It is resistant to acids and bases.

• It is very easy to implement without the need for special design and equipment.

• Creates unity in the space floor.

• It is resistant to fire.

• It is resistant to water and oil penetration.

• Creates a seamless surface that can be used for many years.

• Creates a chemical resistant surface, therefore suitable for manufacturing plants.

• It does not require special maintenance and care.

• This product is safe and non-toxic, and no harmful effects of the chemicals in it have been observed so far.

• Electrical insulation.

• It has antibacterial properties.

• Increases the resistance of the concrete floor against erosion and destruction.

• Can be repaired. Disadvantages of epoxy flooring:

• Since this product has little flexibility, it is not recommended to use it on the floors of spaces that are subject to strong impacts.

• Despite the resistance of certain types of this product to chemicals, acids and salt, if the flooring is exposed to these substances for a long time, it may cause damage. Therefore, it is recommended to remove chemicals on these surfaces as soon as they are spilled.

How to implement two-dimensional epoxy flooring:
Preparation of the execution surface: This step is very important to execute the highest quality coating. Epoxy coating requires a clean and slightly porous surface for proper application. The surface must be cleaned of all kinds of pollution, dust, salt and sediments and a suitable roughness should be applied on it. This coating may not be applicable on polished concrete surface.

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