Ecuador again…’Again in 2019′

At the FIFA Under-20 World Cup, our country is set to face Ecuador in the round of 16 on Friday, an opponent we have fond memories of beating in the semi-finals when we were runners-up in 2019.

Lee Jung-chan is a reporter.


Four years ago, in the semi-finals of the tournament in Poland, Korea made history by beating Ecuador 1-0 to reach its first ever final.

Lee Kang-in’s exquisite free-kick pass to Choi Joon, who slotted home the winning goal, is considered one of the most famous moments in Korean football history.

Ecuador, who finished second in Group B with two wins and one defeat, are the highest scoring team in the tournament with 11 goals, but nine of those came against lowly Fiji, who have already been eliminated.

The spotlight is on 16-year-old Kendry Paez, who broke the record for the youngest ever U-20 World Cup goal with his opener against Fiji.

Although we drew with the Gambia to finish second in the group, some would argue that our round of 16 draw is better than if we had finished first.메이저놀이터

That’s because if we had finished first, we would have had to face Uruguay, a team that borders Argentina and is almost like a home team.

[Hwang In-Taek/U-20 National Football Team defender: We’ll be confident but not cocky, and we’ll prepare well so that we can go on to the quarter-finals and the semi-finals].

If we beat Ecuador, we will face the winner of the round of 16 match between Argentina and Nigeria in the quarter-finals, but for now, we have to put everything on the line against Ecuador on Friday.

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